6 July 2012

Home is where: #4 The Storage Is

As well as being a bunting fiend, i also happen to be a storage fanatic. While in halls the only real storage i could use was under bed but i love to have pretty storage out and have it as part of my space. Because of my lack of space in halls, i had to just have everything out on the shelves provided but usually i like to have products and things out of sight so i wanted some storage to keep hold of everything.

I love these boxes, from eBay, i love the mix of patterns and the colours are perfect. They're a little smaller than what i was after but they'll still be put to use. The top one will be used for back up make up, products for review, etc, the middle is being used for nail polish and the bottom is going to be used for cleansing wipes - as i always like to have back ups. I'm still on the look out for a larger box to house all my daily skin care, like gel cleansers, exfoliators and moisturisers but they'll be great for keep things out the way to maximise space.

Like many other bloggers, i use these acrylic storage drawers to hold all my make up that i don't use daily. It contains all my evening make up and things i only use on occasion, or products that i can't bring myself to get rid of. I love the acrylic storage as they're a good size but being transparent they look like they take up no room at all. I also love that you can see all the products, making it easier to find what you're after.

I love tins! I think they're a great way to store boring, mundane, everyday things. I use my Cath Kidston tins (x3) one to store grips, one to store vitamin c tablets and cranberry supplements and in the largest i store girly bits. The Emma Bridgewater Union Jack tin is used to store all my prescription medication, so although they're all dull things i can jazz them up and add a feature to a room by using beautiful packaging! 


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  1. I'm going crazy with things like this because of moving into the new house at Uni!


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