4 July 2012

Beauxoxo via SailorJennie

Beauxoxo Multi Coloured Hair Bow in Petrol RRP £5.00

My lovely friend Jennie, who blogs over at Sailboat, hosted a giveaway with the chance to win one of the lovely hair bows hand made by the very talented Georgie from Beauxoxo. With what started as a hobby, Georgie decided that there was a serious lack of gorgeous but affordable hair accessories on the market and that's when Beauxoxo was born. When approached at the Clothes Show Live in 2011 by the X Factor hair stylist, Jamie Stevens, for some hair accessories to dress the locks of Little Mix she never dreamed that when they stepped out on the final stage that she'd see Perrie sporting one of her glittering hair bows. Since then business has boomed and there's been a serious demand for her beautiful hair pieces.

As you can see from the above images, although i don't think they do it justice(!), Georgie's hair bows are beautiful unique items with little to rival them on the High Street. They're beautifully made and are easy to attach to hair, or clothing, and come in a variety of colours. I'm super excited to have won Jennie's giveaway and i am in love with the bow in Petrol! The colours are amazing, with navy blues, purples, greens and blacks running through it - it looks different in every lighting. It goes with everything and looks amazing in the hair, or attached to clothing. I'm super impressed and am glad to have Beauxoxo on my radar.

I'm super glad to have won this beautiful bow and even more glad to have received it through the wonderful Jennie. She truly is a lovely, lovely person and has a really fab blog i suggest you check out - it's linked above!



  1. Yay I'm so happy you love it, you picked a super gorgeous colour! Xoxo

  2. oh this is super cute! Well done for winning :) I'm hosting a giveaway over on my blog at the moment too if you fancied having a look, new follower! xxx


  3. Awww thank you for the lovely review of my bow! I will be sure to add you to my little bloggers page on my website. Thanks again so much xoxo


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