29 April 2012

REVIEW: Benefit It's Potent! Eye Cream

Benefit It's Potent! Eye Cream: RRP £23.50

This is one of the products i'm not so thrilled with from my little Benefit collection. I found that, actually, it doesn't really do that much. It's supposed to "fade dark circles & helps smooth fines lines for brighter, younger-looking eyes." Now, if it really did what it said on the metaphorical tin, i'd love this product because i want something that does just that. Sadly, i didn't see any difference after using this cream. Maybe i'm being a little premature and maybe i'm not giving it a good enough chance, but so far - i ain't impressed!


  1. Such a shame about this one, but I guess some products are not going to live up to expectations. Still love the packaging though! ♥ xxx

  2. Such a shame it's not that impressive so far! I find that a lot of eye creams don't live up to expectations! xo


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