27 April 2012


Now, i've been thinking about writing this post for weeks and i've been fretting about how to approach because i know that the Aussie team love a bit of creativity so, like suggested, i thought of sketching an extravagant picture but drawing isn't my strong point, i thought about making a video raving about my favourite products but Youtube isn't my friend and i just don't think a slideshow would do any justice. I came to realise that if i wanted to be an #AussieAngel then i've just got to be yourself, because that really is the best i can be and, frankly, seeing as though i'm on a Journalism degree course - i'd like to think that, in fact, writing is one of my strong points.

Now, i'm not going to reel off a list of reasons why i should be chosen to be one of the new #AussieAngels, i'd like to think that that will be obvious because this brand saved my hair.

My Hair Story

Every girl loves her locks and will do whatever it takes to make it look it's best. I chose to bleach my hair every 5 - 6 weeks for a good two years to be the blonde bombshell i always knew i was. Sadly, this left my poor hair damaged and dehydrated so i knew it was time to quit the blonde and begin to look after my tresses.

This was easier said than done. Merely dying my hair rather than bleaching took the heat off of the bleaching, but only masked the damage and my hair became brittle and broke off when brushing. Not good. It wasn't until i was lucky enough to win an Aussie Party Pack which contained Aussie's Three Minute Miracle Reconstructor Deep Conditioner that i was really introduced into what is this amazing brand. This was only the beginning, as i loved the deep conditioner so much i knew i need to give other products a go and that's when i met my soulmate. Aussie's Miracle Hair Insurance Leave In Conditioner that i raved about in this post. This product changed my life! It's taken my horrible, unhealthy, brittle hair back to it's original softer, healthier self and in fact improved my forever thin to hair to be thicker and livelier than it ever has been before.

Basically, what i'm trying to say is Thank You. This brand is one of the friendliest, most approachable brands i have ever had the pleasure to come in contact with and it'd be an amazing opportunity to get to know the brand even more. Previous Aussie Angels are some of the most amazing bloggers i've come across, and it'd be an honour to follow in their footsteps.

& That's why i'd love to be an #AussieAngel!


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  1. You definitely deserve to be an Aussie Angel Kat! You look so different with blonde hair, your hair now looks the loveliest and healthiest it's ever been ♥ xxx


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