30 March 2012

REVIEW: Benefit Remove It Make Up Remover

Benefit Remove It Make Up Remover: RRP £16.50

I tried this make up remover last night, after a long day in Brighton, where my make had practically welded to my face thanks to the wonderful British weather -Read: gail force winds and arctic conditions.

I have to say i'm always a bit cynical about make up remover creams/gels/solutions, as i'm really a make up wipe kind gal, but i'm not opposed to trying them out (especially when they're free)!

I was pleasantly surprised by this oil-free, no-rinse formula. Benefit say they love it because "Remove it makeup remover effectively removes eye make up, including long-wear and waterproof formulas." I have to say i kinda agree; although my make up wasn't long wear, or waterproof, i had been applied since about 7:30am and i took it off at about 8pm. It took a few pads worth of formula to get every scrap off but i didn't feel like i had to scrub or pull at my skin to get it to go anywhere.

It's got a really smooth, clean texture when it goes on the skin and i used it all over my face to get every scrap of make up off. It glided along and made me feel fresh, and like i'd had a really good wash. There was no make up left on my face, which was brilliant and i feel like it really does it's job.


1 comment:

  1. I'm a make-up wipe kinda gal too, but it wouldn't stop me using this beauty. I love the packaging and would be inclined to keep the bottle afterwards, so cute! ♥ xxx


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