2 November 2011


So, i've been super slacking on the old outfit posts lately, mostly because i couldn't find a decent place to do them/balance my camera and because the lighting is awful (i apologise). However, here we are with two for the price of one, and two posts in two days! Aren't you lucky?

When it comes to uni, i tend to dress for comfort but am trying to incorporate some of my latest buys, before and during uni time, to make my outfits a little more interesting (now i'm a fashion student, i feel i should make some effort!) These two ensembles are from earlyish on in the semester, and i've become a little more creative but these are two of my favourites.

Jeans: Topshop Tall | Blazer: H&M | Scarf: H&M | Top: H&M

Sorry for the appalling photo quality. This is when i thought flash was a good idea, i have since realised it's not! I waited absolutely ages for this jacket to arrive, it went totally out of stock in store and online multiple times, but i needed it so decided to pre order it and wait for it to arrive! It was an absolute steal, at about £19 thanks to some discount codes so who could say no. It fits like a charm, and is a little bit different, which i like, and is often hard to come buy in the Autumn months. However, there's really nothing to say about these jeans, i have had them for years and they're a go-to for me. Probably the first pair that i really fell in love with, and they're still a favourite.

Shorts: New Look | Top: New Look | Cardigan: H&M | Tights: Tesco | Necklace: Miss Selfridge

I bought this cardigan at the student lock-in at West Quay, last month. I'd been eyeing it up for ages, and finally decided to get it with the brilliant discount H&M were offering. They only had a large left, and was a little reluctant but i'm now really glad they only had that size, otherwise i would never have chosen to have it, but i love it! It's large, snuggly and is just perfect for those autumn walks to uni! It goes with everything, because of it's deep, burgundy red with flecks of black. The shorts and three quarter sleeve style has become a serious contender in the go-to stakes. It's just so easy to layer up or down, and wear to be comfortable. I love this stripy number, as the stripes aren't perfectly straight and look sorta like they've been painted on.

I hope to keep you posted more, as this really feels like a half arsed post and most likely is pretty rambley! Uh oh, must dash, i hear a smash in the kitchen..



  1. Loving that jacket in the first outfit, I really like your style! x


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