9 November 2011

Southampton Street Style

I mentioned, what feels like, forever ago that i'd had to produce a street style feature for one of my modules, and after being too lazy to put my images together for the blog, i've finally had a spare(ish) evening to do it. So here they are!

Me, and a friend, rocked up to the town centre in plenty of time to make the most of the day (and let me tell you, we needed the day!) We decided to set up camp outside of Toppers, as Southampton's most stylish seemed to concentrating on getting their Topshop on. I wrapped to battle (what i thought was) the forthcoming Autumn weather, but it ended up being pretty damn warm (to start). I had my camera ready to snap willing participants, of which there were few. However, we did get what we needed and i ended up with my "Only Way Is High Street" piece!

This is Shani, and what drew me to her was her beautiful knitted cardi, reminding me of something like this little Missoni number. My idea for the piece was to look at Autumn clothing, so i focused on beautiful knits and layering. I really wish i could pull of this simple, vintage look like Shani can because it suits her so well! Like her, i think shorts despite being able to show a lot of flesh, teamed in the right way can be the perfect Autumn staple! I love to pair mine with a pair of Primark Super Cosy tights (if you haven't found this fabulous invention yet, then you must get yourselves down to Primark's hosiery department!) and some knee high woollen socks to seal in the warmth!

Faye, Kathryn, Maz & Becky were too good an opportunity to miss! Four stylish friends, all shopping together and all with such different but perfect styles! I love their layering, perfect for this temperamental season. I loved Kathryn and Becky's maxi lengths, teamed with some snuggly knitwear to bring them bang up to season. Faye and Maz are working the layering; leggings, knitwear, tops upon tops, whatever the layer, as long as you're snug! My personal favourite at the moment are these thick, chunky knitted, over sized cardigans. I own one from H&M in a size larger than i would normally buy, and it's great to throw over everything and anything. These girls show that you can match them with anything, dresses, any length, jeans, shorts, skirts, leggings.

This is actually my friend that i went street styling with, Nicole, as i really liked her outfit of the day. I love capes this season, there are so many different lengths, shapes, sizes, colours and patterns all over the high street, at the moment. You can find them everywhere, from Primark to Toppers, and Nicole's is the infamous one from H&M, that comes in a variety of colours and is actually now in the sale! Snap them up! As i said before, shorts can become a staple, worked in the right way and, shown her, with a thick black pair of tights and simple black tank top; simple and effective.

I absolutely loved Rosie's dungarees! I am dying for a pair, but these purple check ones are just brilliant, as a nice twist on your classic denims. I loved her vintage style, and confident ensemble; it really takes some guts to wear purple check dungarees, a massive cream chunky knit and a bright red quilted bag, but she works it with style! By adding a floaty white shirt and a floral headband, she keeps the look nice and feminine but without being too girly. Paired with a pair of furry boots, this look is perfect for the upcoming seasons!

Alis' look was girly, but somehow her attitude helped to keep it a little different. Being brave and wearing her oversized jumper dress with knee highs, rather than tights, brave move for the season but she worked it well, and it seemed quite her style. The colour combination keeps the style less girly, and more workable. This kind of style is comfortable and flexible, and can be used for a multitude of occasions; but shown here to be perfect for mooching the shops on an Autumn day!

It was a lot more difficult than i first thought, but it was a brilliant experience to take on.

I'm going to the #MotelBloggersEvent tomorrow, in London, and am working on behalf of Motel. I'm really looking forward to attending my first, proper, blogger event especially being on the side of the brand, it's going to be a great experience! If you're going, don't hesitate to come and say hello, however i'm rubbish with names and faces, so if i don't know who you are, please don't think i'm being rude!



  1. Kat this is so exciting! It seems your settling into your new fashion surroundings well. I always love seeing street style, I am always inspired by individual style and taste.
    Hope you are well ♥ xxx

  2. Thank you so much for your message Kat, you really are such a kitten. I really love this the first girls outfit is my fav (so cool), I think you are going to do so well as you have really strong looks. I love street style, that's the thing were I have to push a buggy round I can't snap people hahaha
    Your friend is so stunning and I love her outfit, so happy that you had a blast at motel, was it exciting? Look forward to a post (if you got a chance to take photos) anyway lots of loveage xxx

  3. Looks like a lovely place to people watch :) Love these looks!! xoxo


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