18 July 2011

Pink & Purple

Things are always go, go, go around here! Just the way i like, however. I am normally a really blues and neutrals kinda girl, but recently i've liked nothing more than a coral, an orange or a pink - so unlike me as i'm not a huge girly girl! As my working life draws to a close (my last day on Sunday after 4 years of working there!) I'm getting really antsy to be able to paint my nails again!! I'm not allowed to wear polished nails for work, as i often handle food and messy nails are never a good look when working with customers! So if i've had my nails painted for the week, i have to take it off on Saturday ready for work and, well, Saturdays seem to come 'round so fast there never seems any point in painting my nails again! So, i cannot wait to be able to have constantly painted nails - it's the little things! At the moment, i'm loving this micro trend of painting one, two or your ring finger (and equivalent on the other hand) a different colour to the rest. My favourite shades are pinks/corals/purples together, like my Pink Grapefruit/LOVE combo in this post. My current polish combination is Rimmel's Style Hunter & Black Cherries:

Getting ready for my polish filled days, i've been buying lots of new brands and colours to try out. In Superdrug, they sell a really cheap brand called 2true; the polishes were a minuscule £1.99 each, so i decided to buy two that i could wear together. I don't know how good they'll be, but at that price i'm willing to give them a go!

2true Fast Dry Colour Quick Nail Polish in Shade 5 & Shade 6

I've always seen the Oh My Gosh range in Superdrug, but never really taken notice, but when i saw this adorable packaging i just had to have one, and at £2.99 it wasn't to painful for the purse! Seeing as Rimmel seem to have decided that getting rid of my fave shade (Tangerine Queen) is a good idea, i've been looking for a good replacement so i decided to go for an orange tone:

Oh My Gosh Nail Lacquer in 012 Orange Splash

I had through my door, this morning, the new H&M Autumn Season 2011 Catalogue and it is to die for! When i read on all these lovely blogs that you all love the autumn season best to dress for, i always think "maybe i'm mad, i love the summer!" but when i riffled through this brochure it made me extremely excited for the season ahead! The mustards, the burgundies and the tans are drawing me in and don't even get me started on the knitwear! Here are my favourite picks for the new season:


As soon as i have some spare pennies that jacket is MINE.

Are you looking forward to Autumn, and sick of Summer already?

- K xo

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  1. I'm much more of an autumn lover in comparison to summer, i looove those colours in items 1,3 & 4 and that satchel is so cute! love your blog, following yaaaa X X X


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