19 July 2011


I am such a sucker for a sheer shirt at the moment, they seem to be accumulating in my wardrobe - i don't know, maybe they're breeding? (Or maybe i just need to stop buying them...) But they're so versatile and pretty, and go with everything! I love that i can style them with pretty much everything, tucked in to standing alone. Today, after a day of lunching with a friend wearing a cute jersey, dotty number from F&F at Tesco the weather was starting to become ridiculous with all it's rain and half hearted sunshine! So, i decided to change for running a few errands (and getting persuaded to help my mum with the Tesco shop!)

Shirt: New Look / Strap Top (Underneath): H&M / Jeans: Topshop Tall / Necklace: Miss Selfridge / Bracelets: Old & Miss Selfridge

I ummed and ahhed about purchasing this beauty for weeks, but finally just caved and bought it anyway. I love the colour, the style and how it's not too sheer, but just sheer enough to be totally on trend.

I have to say, i wasn't too sure what to pair it with (thanks to this ever changing weather) but decided to try this old H&M sale purchase, i'm still not sure i'm totally sold but it is quite sweet and adds a little interest. What do you think? (I later swapped this for a nude cardigan that seemed to make the shirt pop more!)

Here are a few details!

Rimmel Style Hunter & Black Cherries

Acorn: Claire's / Claw: Miss Selfridge

Walt Disney World / Glastonbury / Handmade at Beads in Ely / Miss Selfridge / Worry Beads from an Old Friend

I felt in a real accessorising mood today! I used to wear bracelets practically every day, piled up on my wrist but when i started getting more into art it was always a pain having to take them on before i get elbow deep in paint, so gradually started leaving them at home until it's 3 years on and never wear any! Not, however, until myself and Jenna made our friendship bracelets on a recent trip to Ely. And now, i'm quite enjoying having a little weight on my wrist! My favourite is a recent purchase from Miss Selfridge, in the sale, it matches my claw necklace - subtle matching there guys(!) but it's quite nice to have a few memories hanging from my arm too, like the bracelet inscribed "Nothing is impossible if you Believe!" that is practically a motto of Walt Disney World, but it's quite sweet and keeps me thinking positive, and of course my friendship style bracelet lasted me all the way through Glastonbury 2010, so it's gotta hang on for a while longer!

How is everyone feeling about this horrific weather? I hope you're all braving it for a fab Summer!

- K xo


  1. LOVE that shirt! good purchaseeee:') X X X

  2. I love your necklaces!



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