8 June 2011


(Not to bore you too much but here are some holiday snaps from the weekend!)

Tim & Mary at the beach

Brunel Manor, Where we stayed

As i said in my previous post, i had a lovely time spent with the Mr's family and himself, the weather was gorgeous and it was a lovely break from the daily grind.

Now, i told you in my last post that on Tuesday i spent my day with the girls at Cambridge Journal/Style Magazine, shadowing the Editor Louise Cummings. I had the most wonderful day that really confirmed to me that this is the industry i want to end up in.
I spent my morning frantically deciding what to wear that gave the perfect balance of keen to learn, smart and professional and fashion chic. I ended up wearing something similar to what i wore for my Private View, seen in THIS post, however i was in such a tizz i didn't take a picture! I wore the same Topshop Tartan Pencil Skirt, except paired with a Black Tank Top, Mustard Yellow Cardigan & my new Cream and Brown Satchel, from Primark. My day started off not so great when my little town of St. Ives decided today was the day to totally block up! I spent an hour sitting in traffic, luckily i left about 45 minutes before i needed to be there - which made me only about 10 minutes late which she totally understood!

I spent my morning helping Louise in sourcing images for three of their main articles next month - Pastels, Fruity & Maxis, then onto the obligatory Festival wear, which i really enjoyed as that's totally down my alley! We spent our time searching through Look Books and sourcing images from online press sites. I spent my lunch making notes but after, it got even more exciting when she asked me to write an article, hopefully running in July's issue of Style! It was a review and informational article on the new Lady Gaga book Strange & Beautiful, written by Laura Coulman. As i am a pretty big Gaga buff, it was really cool to write and Louise loved it - as i did! So she asked me write an article for her third magazine Trend Hertfordshire, about three girls from Hertfordshire who will be climbing Matchu Pitchu in aid of the Sick Children's Trust. I have never written anything like that before, which Louise understood so she helped me edit it afterwards which was so handy, and showed me the signature style of writing for the magazine (calling people by their first names, always, and adding in fun words like delicious and quirky). She even asked me to write a third article about the up and coming Cambridge Comedy Festival, and about a comedienne performing there; Zoe Lyons. I had such an incredible day and even if the articles don't run, i am honoured that she even asked me! I had such a great time, and sourcing the images for the fashion articles so it'll be cool to see what i experience on the day in the glossy pages of Style Magazine!

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  1. Such beautiful photos,seems you had a lovely weekend :)


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