11 June 2011

Summer Months?

So, is it Summer or not? So hard to decided when one day i'm wearing a jumper and the next a strappy top (however, i did later shove a cardigan, and then a jumper over the top!) Well, i am enjoying the sunshine - when it's out - and all this free time! I am getting a little bored but i'm getting lots of things done, and i am now getting my butt into gear and making some plans which i'm very excited about, so will have lots to fill you in on over the summer! However, i feel that my lack of making time skills will hold me back on posting, but i will do my best to keep you all up to date!

Before i start, here is a little memento of my time at college, mixed with my future which i really like!

SO yes! Summer is finally here.. OR IS IT? The weather is so interchangeable at the moment, i never know what to wear! I'm liking the layering up at the moment though, and this bargain buy, £6 in the New Look sale, has really been keeping me happy!

Shorts: New Look / Jumper: New Look / Necklace: Dorothy Perkins / Sunglasses: Dorothy Perkins / Tights: New Look

It tends to be worn with the sleeves rolled up (which you can sort of see in the middle photo) and one shouldered, i love the sort of 'thrown on' look it seems to exude. I am also loving the Catseye style sunglasses this season, and they are everywhere! I've seen a lovely mint pair.. but am having trouble remembering where it was i spotted them, so any heads up would be great! This lovely pair i bought on the trip my mother and i took to St. Neots, and to Cath Kidston, along with this gorgeous, chunky, gold number that was in the sale half price! As for the shorts, i am wearing them to death since i bought them the day before my birthday, 2 months ago, as i had been searching for this very pair for months - eventually finding them in one of the Oxford Street, London, branches. An early birthday present to me! They have turned into such a staple and can be worn in so many ways!

I wore the jumper/shorts combo for helping at Brownies last night, as the weather was a little unstable - paired with a centuries old pair of Leopard Print Gladiators from Peacocks. I actually really loved it, but aren't those last minute outfits always the best!?

So, from a jumper to a lack of! Today the weather started out lovely and warm meaning i could whip the arms out!

Shorts: Tesco / Tank Top: H&M / Strap Top (Underneath): New Look / Necklace: Dorothy Perkins / Tights: Tesco

I absolutely LOVE these shorts, and despite them being quite a light summery colour, and material, they are ever so versatile. As i am now sitting here with the jumper from the previous outfit on over this. They were quite an impulse buy, but i am really loving shorts at the moment. They make me feel sort of like a child, so i can just mess around and not have to worry - they're definitely a go to for me!

I'm considering doing a post about my experience of the Art Foundation Year/Applying for University, now i know that most of you have already gone through this but i thought it'd be nice for all those who haven't just to have that opinion! However, my good friend Jess has written an amazingly witty post about her experiences in Applying for a Fashion Course, and, as we've learnt, it really is a law unto itself! So, you should definitely give it a read HERE! And as for my Friday Feeling posts, they are TOTALLY going out the window! I'm going to try my best to keep them up as often as i have exciting things to tell you - but any requests of posts are welcome too! I'm also interested in rekindling my love of photography this summer, so i might do some sort of weekly photos or something, we'll see how the summer pans out, but frankly i can't wait for it to start!

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  1. Wow, I love that jumper! I can't believe it was only £6! I really need to go shopping ;D. I'd love to hear about your experience of the Art Foundation year & applying for uni!


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