28 June 2011

It Began As Sale Shopping

Just like Lil i now find Topshop beautiful and desirable, from a distance. Unlike my 16 year old self, i now rarely buy from Topshop as, although i find the clothes a different but nicely on trend, the prices are a little ridiculous for my feeble student budget!

So when sale time comes around, i always like to have a little nosey around! It was my first port of call when shopping with my mum, last weekend, and was extremely happy with what i came away with!

Topshop Apricot Wide Leg Trousers: £20 / Topshop Apricot Knitted Cape Cardi: £18

I've been looking for a bottom that's a little different to my usual attire, i thought i was looking for a skirt of a dress i could layer onto and then i came across these. The colour is gorgeous, perfect for my skin tone and they fit like a dream - i am in love! They were unfortunately, but obviously, too short for me as they're regular length (and as we all know i'm a leggy lady!) but LUCKILY the hem was merely tacked up so with a little unpicking later my lovely new trousers are long enough for me to not feel stupid, minus the turn up but i'm to phased to be honest, i just love them! As for the cape/cardi, i'd originally seen it online and wasn't too sure but when i tried it on in store it was winging its way to the till with me before i'd even taken it off! It's so snuggly and easy to throw on all throughout Spring, Summer and Autumn!

New Look Spotty Pussybow Blouse: £19.99 / H&M Pink Blazer: £19.99

I've been wanting this Pussybow blouse for the past month but i've been seriously lacking in funds until i was payed (today!) but obviously everyone, including myself, was also after this blouse as it went out of stock three times since it arrived on site little under a month ago! Fortunately my beady eyes spotted it hanging sweetly amongst other sheer shirts in store on Saturday and mum loved it just as much as i do, so offered to buy it for me so i didn't miss out! Now, that's love. It fits so nicely into my wardrobe and honestly goes with absolutely everything, so versatile and i can't wait to wear it with my red bottoms - which is what i originally wanted it for! I've also wanted a new blazer for a while, something different to the staple black/grey i already own. I was getting so frustrated as Topshop is way out of my price range but anywhere else was showcasing low quality, cheap knock offs.. Until i walked into H&M. It was such an easy buy! Literally walked in, first thing i saw, picked up, tried on, LOVED and bought. Deal! It's such a nice boyfriend style, not too big but comfy and easy to wear. It's more pink than in this picture, a blush pink, and it'll go nicely with all the reds, pinks, oranges, corals and nudes i seem to be wearing at the moment!

I thought that when it came to payday this month, i'd be falling over myself to get some gorgeous new pieces to add to my wardrobe but actually when i saw my bank balance had gone up this morning and admired my new pieces, i'm actually quite happy waiting! (Never thought i'd hear myself saying that!) I've got so much coming up this month that i'm more interested in spending my pennies on adventures, however i'm not saying i won't be buying anything when the Mr and i are in Southampton this week or when i'm in London for a few days with my friend in a couple weeks.. But for now, i'm happy working with what i've got!

Don't forget to stop by on Friday for Michelle's piece on my beloved Southampton, trust me - you won't want to miss it!


  1. I was eyeing up that apricot knitted cape cardigan this morning! If it's still in stores by the time by commissioned work moneyz come through, I'm gonna splurge, I've decided ;) Hope you have a lovely time in Southampz! xx

  2. That apricot cardigan looks lovely- good for wearing on a summer evening but also going into Autumn too!xx


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