18 June 2011

Blog Inspiration

I'm going through what i'm feeling is sort of like a growing up/transition faze, and i'm feeling plenty of confidence begin to flood back. This summer i plan on doing plenty of coming into my own and getting ready for the next chapter. I'm feeling like a little change and i need a bit of growing room and with all these adventures on the horizon, away from the norm, there is plenty of opportunity.

I want to try and break out of my easy, comfortable day to day persona and try new things, maybe things that i wouldn't usually - be a little daring, and through styling is one way i'm desperate to give a shot at. When i catch up on all your lovely blogs, i always think "Why do i never think to put something like that together" or "I'd love to try that!" So i thought what better way to get some style inspiration, when frankly the sky looks like it's falling down out there (!), than from you lovely ladies!

What i love most is that you're always so on trend, yet it's not easy peasy stick-on-what-you-see-in-the-window-of-Topshop. It's so you're own style, and i love that. You work key pieces, timeless pieces, into your outfit so that you can wear items over and over and never get bored. I seem to going through a real comfort stage at the moment and i really want to step away from that, trying out dresses and skirts rather than my staple shorts - however, that's a little bit of me so i don't want to cut them out completely! Another things that you lovely ladies have over me is your brilliant use of colour, and colour blocking! I would love to have the skill to make the perfect colour blocking. To be honest, i think you're all amazing and i take inspiration of each and every one of you! I'm looking forward to trying so new things out!

I'd love to hear what you all think! xo


  1. Aw thanks for including me in this Kat! I never buy something and just wear it "how it's supposed to be worn", I love working things seamlessly into what's already in my wardrobe haha (: Hope you're well sweet! xxxx

  2. fabulous inspiration - love these blogs xx


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