9 May 2011

Monday Again

New Look Colour Block Top / New Look Vintage Shorts / Next Leopard Leather Belt / (Rubbish) Tesco Opaque Tights / Claire's Pocket Watch Necklace

Only day three and i'm already feeling the pinch! It's hard not being able to wear what i feel like, however it is interesting to pull something out of the bag - it's keeping me on my toes (if not making getting ready in the morning, some how, longer!) This little number has appeared on my blog before, i believe, but there's just something about the pink, white & blue denim that i really like. I don't often wear such soft colours, and pinks & oranges are only just coming into my colour palette so i think the trying something different draws me in.

So, yesterday i was asking your advice on Topshop make up, and also on E.L.F. Today i was browsing their website in a little more detail, looking at colours, etc, and the difference between the Topshop lippy & the E.L.F stick is the colour style - Topshop tends to be matte, whereas the E.L.F appears to have a glisten and a shimmer, which i think i quite like. I'm considering trying out the E.L.F products first, but i'm still interested in the Topshop mascara as if you're a regular you'll know i'm on the perfect mascara quest - at the moment i'm settling for Rimmel's Volume Flash and although it's pretty good, it doesn't do my already thin lashes any favours, unless applied vigorously, however the colour and curl is pretty good. So, come on you lovely blogging ladies - give me your advice, i'm getting desperate for it!

PS. These tights really are rubbish, i wore them for the first time today and they're already in the bin!


  1. You look so lovely, the Topshop top is fabulous!

    Loving the color combination of this outfit. :)

    The Cat Hag

  2. Love love love your top!

    Will post a Topshop makeup haul this evening on my blog http://sugarsix.blogspot.com/

    Definitely recommend Topshop makeup, good quality and pretty cheap.



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