10 May 2011

The 4th Day

Day 4 in the Big Brother House...

Next Tall Leggings / H&M Black Strappy Top / Dorothy Perkins Peter Pan Collar Top / Necklace Via My Grandmother

Yes, it's that top again! I am literally in love with this top, it ceases to amaze me at how versatile it is - i can literally wear it with everything! I luckily have it in another pattern so once this 20 days is over, i can see how many thousands of other ways i can style them! I have to say that is one great thing about this 20 days, i'm forced to try things in lots of different ways & i'm now looking forward to being a little more daring with some other pieces! At the moment, the beginnings of my week are spent at home trying to franticly finish of my final major project for Friday, but come Friday & next week i'll be a little more out and about, so i can try out some of my pieces that are a little bit too nice for lounging at home!

I'm sorry that my posts are a little lacking in excitement at the moment, i am just in such a flap trying to get my entire project finished for Friday so i can have the beautiful relief of knowing that i can spend the next week just getting my space ready to present my work, 2 weeks today! After that, i'm free as a bird for half term & then after the 6th - I really am free! So, you've got lots of excitement to look forward to, i assure you!

All you wonderful blogging ladies & your beautiful make up, nail art especially, is really making me want to dip my toe into the sea of make up! I'm helping my mother shop on Saturday, and i'd really like to get myself some make up to test out - i'm not a big make up wearer but you guys are really making me want to try some new bits & bobs out! The wonderful Lucy has just uploaded a brilliant review of Topshop make up, which you all know i was dying for! She also has a fab blog so you should definitely pay her a visit!

I'd like to take this little moment to also say Hello to all new followers! It really does mean so much to me that you guys want to take the time to read and follow my blog. Every one of you counts, and as soon as i get to a significant figure, i'll do a giveaway to show my appreciation!

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  1. I'm not really a make-up wearer so I'm not much help when looking for tips for good stuff. Sorry. :p


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