4 May 2011

The sun has got his hat on!

This week has seen me working like a trooper! I've been very proud of myself, as on Monday i spent my day doing overtime at work in order to save my pennies for summer & for university, come September. I've been frantically writing my essay that was supposed to be in for last Wednesday but due to my mac being AWOL, i've had to wait - but it's finally done, and finally handed in - PHEW! Since finishing my essay i've been sewing my fingers to the bone and completing as much book work as i can! I have had a seriously productive week, i'm very proud of myself! The weather has also kept me going as it's been gorgeous, but when i'm at home i tend to wear comfort over style but today i thought my outfit was comfortable but worked nicely together:

Top: New Look / Shorts: Topshop / Tights: Tesco / Necklace: Fat Face Via Gift

At the moment, shorts are my go to item! They're just so versatile, and especially denim - even better high waisted! They go with everything and are ever so comfortable, especially when you're at home frantically running up and the down the stairs between sketchbook and sewing machine! I bought this top a few months back when it was just getting to be spring, i wanted some easy to wear tops that i could just throw on but would still look nice. I picked it up in a stone colour too, but i find they crease quite easily which sometimes puts me off but i still love their versatility. I'm actually after a range of coloured tank/strap tops that are a little big and slouchy, that i can tuck in or wear out for the summer - i'm especially after a blush pink or peach colour, as that seems to go with everything!

Like i said, the weather has been gorgeous, but i think we'd be naive to think it'll last forever! Plus, i think the gardens are begging for some rain - the ground is so hard! A little sunshine goes a long way, and it just seems to make everyone happier and make everything seem that little bit easier. However, i know we've only just made it into May but i'm already ready for it to depart and for June to start! I wish it would hurry up and get a move on, quite frankly. I feel like May is such an in between month and this is my final month at college, so it's going to be a little hectic, so i'm definitely ready for it to be over!

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  1. Great go to outfit. I wish my go to outfit was as fashionable but atm i'm stuck working and my go to outfit seems to be dance pants and an old vest top :/


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