5 May 2011

30 for 20; Remix Challenge!

Another go to outfit to start off the post:

Jeans: Primark / Top (Underneath): H&M / Top: Dorothy Perkins / Cardigan: H&M / Necklace: Gift from the Mr

So, i have decided to take a leaf out of Jen's book and do a sort of 30 for 30, however i have had to alter it slightly and make it 30 for 20 - 30 items for 20 days, and it's 20 days until payday and that doesn't include Sundays (when i work and have to wear my hideous lime green polyester).

For those of you who don't know, the original 30 for 30 is wearing only 30 items for 30 days, there are a few different rules where some include shoes, some include accessories and some include coats, but each tailor make it but it's still 30 items - i personally have chosen 30 items of clothing, including cardigans and jackets, but not including accessories as i rarely wear any, generally wear the same scarf and generally stick to a pair of black tights from tesco. My 30 items, include bottoms, tops, cardigans and jackets - i'm hoping not to need a coat!

I wrote down a list of 20 items, making it 20 for 20, but it just didn't give me enough variation - and i didn't want my college friends to think that i have ceased to wash or something similarly humiliating. So i decided to do 30 items for 20 days, and i'm very excited to start mixing and matching - i've wanted to try different combinations for a while and with a more limited collection, it'll be easier for me look at what i've got to work with. Starting tomorrow, i'll share with you my day to day combinations until the 28th May, aka payday.

Here is my final run down of items for the next 20 days:

Red H&M Jeans / Blue Topshop Tall Jeans / Camel Topshop Tall Jeans / Black Topshop Tall Jeans

Denim High Waist New Look Shorts / Red High Waist H&M Shorts / Denim Cath Kidston Skirt / Orange Splatter H&M Skirt / Cord Floral Topshop Skirt / Denim Bodycon Topshop Skirt

White New Look Tank Top / Pink Colour Block New Look Top / Orange Lemons Primark Top / Black Spotty Dorothy Perkins Top / Peach New Look Tank Top / White Ruffle Collar New Look Top / Motel Sunset Body / Black Strappy New Look Top / Black & White H&M Top / Leopard H&M Top / Yellow Sheer New Look Top

Nude H&M Cardigan / Leopard H&M Cardigan / Black H&M Cardigan / Floral H&M Cardigan

Black Quilted Tesco Jacket / Grey ASOS Boyfriend Blazer

I'm sure there will be occasions where i break the rules, for example it's my mum's birthday next week and i think it's acceptable for me to wear a fancy dress for dinner! But i'm excited to stick to this and make some really cool combinations - all opinions & advice welcome! Another rule of the 30 is that you are not allowed to buy any other clothing while taking part - i can hear my bank balance sighing!

So starting tomorrow, you'll start to see my choices appearing, i hope you stick with me on this odd but exciting journey! PLUS, the college course is slowly drawing to a close - bring on June!


  1. I've considered trying the whole 30 for 30 thing as I usually end up wearing the same thing so it might help me be a bit more experimental!

    Excited to see what you wear!

  2. I always end up wearing the same few t shirts and jeans all the time so I may attempt this minus a lot of the things I would usually wear. :)


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