24 May 2011

Sniffly Noses

Sadly, i am writing to you from the comfort of my duvet & pyjama combo! I think that being so crazy and manic for the past couple of months has taken it's toll on my immune system, and now i'm calmed down it's hit me like a tonne of bricks! I'm suffering with a serious case of sore throat, sniffly nose & tender head - poor me.

This little illness has brought me to a decision - I've decided to end my 30 for 20 early. As this week is looking a little worse for wear, what with my horrendously sore throat and a serious lack of plans, as i'm taking it easy after months of hard work! It's not giving me much reason to dress in anything other than my pyjamas. Fortunately, next week is half term and full of things to get me up and out for so don't you worry, i'll be showcasing some interesting outfits as my 30 for 20 has really gotten me to think about what i wear and what i can wear and different combinations! At the end of half term is also the ever anticipated weekend away in Devon with the Mr & his lovely family, so you'll be graced with plenty of lovely new things!

Tonight is the Private View of our exhibition that me, and my fellow Art Foundation-ers, have worked our butts off to put together. I'm excited to show my parents, and friends, the work that we have been working so hard to pull off. FMP is finally over, and this is the perfect way to celebrate! SO, if any of you happen to be around the Cambridge area this evening then hop on over to Cambridge Regional College, Kings Hedges Campus to view our fab Final Major Project Exhibition any time between 6pm and 8pm, however if you can't get there this evening, why not pop in on Friday when it is entirely open to the public between 10am and 4pm. We're very proud of our work, so you're all very welcome!

Sneak Peek of my space in the Exhibition to wet your appetite!

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