7 April 2011

Friday Feeling #11

WARNING! Heavy Picture Content In This Post.

001. So, this Friday Feeling is going to be a little different from normal, as i just have so much to share with you!

On Sunday April 3rd, aka My Birthday, i woke up to find my lovely Lucy sleeping slap bang in the middle of the spare room floor. Why, you might ask, and i would reply: that is a very good question, and i really have no idea! She usually likes hiding and napping in cosy little confined spots, but maybe this beautiful weather is getting all too much for her and she's taken to sitting somewhere a little more breezy (not that the centre of the room is heavily breezy!)

002. & As i told you in yesterdays post, we bought some of my favourite cupcakes, from Waitrose, to make up my ever so lovely birthday cake. I've never been a huge fan of having one large cake, as i rarely eat it anyway, so cupcakes are a nice alternative, meaning you can eat them one at a time and whenever you feel the need! Piled high on a vintage cake stand can also be far more lovely than a run-of-the-mill cake from Tesco.

003. This is where this post becomes a little higgledy piggledy. The day after my birthday i went to spend a couple days with the Mr, at his lovely home in Ely (i'm jealous because i love Ely!) I even took the time to snap up my (2nd) Birthday outfit for you, from the comfort of our room. - This picture was taken post Cambridge shopping trip and post baking session, so apologies if i'm looking a little exhausted!

Shorts: Birthday Gift - H&M / Top: Birthday Gift - Dorothy Perkins / Necklace: Via Gift, Accessorize / Tights: Tesco / Cardigan: H&M

I absolutely love these red shorts, they're like a dream and fit me like a glove! They're made out of a lovely soft, sort of silky fabric that would seem like it would crease to the nines but in actual fact after a day of mooching in Cambridge and baking the afternoon away, they were more or less not much worse off than when i put them. What's even better is that for a leggy girl, like yours truly, i find it difficult to find shorts that are long enough to cover my bum - and these are the perfect length! I wish all shorts were a little longer, however this would probably do nothing for my bank balance as it would be hard to resist.. & as for this adorable peter pan collared top, it's just delightful! I also received one in the same style but cover in big red poppies - perfect for the spring & summer months.

004. Talking of gifts, i have to show you what my wonderful Mr bought me for my birthday - something i have been longing after for months now!

Red Snake Lock Satchel: River Island

Isn't she beautiful!? I have honestly wanted this bag since it hit RI's Online store. The gorgeous colour and the super retro clasp are what drew me to this lovely piece of 'arm candy' - always wanted to say that. I plan to use it next week when me & the Mr go see We Will Rock You as it'll set off my outfit perfectly (I'm wearing duck egg blue & grey) Even the inside is gorgeous! The faux croc type outside is super lovely, and well finished - it just feels good to carry. It may be a little small for my every day use but that seems to make it all the more special. I can take just the essentials on special occasions.

005. Gifts, gifts & even more gifts! I really wasn't expecting anything this year as i have been gifted with my beautiful baby Macbook Pro - that i am using as i type - but my wonderful parents had a few bits & bobs that i could open on my birthday. It's often nice to get things you don't need, but just want.

Shoes: Topshop / Teen Vogue Handbook: Amazon / Style Diaries: V&A / Holes & An Education: Amazon / Kirstie Allsopp Correspondance Set: M&S / Spotty & Poppy Peter Pan Collar Tops: Dorothy Perkins / Red Shorts: H&M

It was so lovely to have some bits & bobs that i just wanted; the books & the dvds were such a lovely addition as i rarely buy myself books or dvds - and after reading on other blogs about books, it always makes me want them! My lovely Mum picks up on these things and keeps a note in that brain of hers. An Eduction must be one of my new favourite films, i think that everyone should watch it - it may be a bit girly, and i think a lot of girls can relate but it's just generally a lovely film. As for Holes, it's just a classic - the book is one of my favourites! & i finally got my mitts on the Kirstie Allsopp Correspondence Set! I can't wait to get using it, it's so lovely!

006. My Mr is perfect and made me scrambled eggs just because i wanted them! Purrrrrrfect.

I can't wait to show you my adventure to the Zoo with my lovely college girls: Sam, Lisa & Jess. I had a lovely day in Colchester, and the weather was perfect! We even managed to fit in a spot of shopping on the way home! Summer is finally on the way!


  1. Sounds like you had a great birthday :)
    So glad you got the correspondence set! Isn’t it just lovely and I have been meaning to see An Education for a long time now, I think I will have to watch it now.

    Your outfit is so lovely, and the bag is fabulous, it sounds like you have a very thoughtful mr :)

    Sorry I am so late on catching up on posts, I am so behind on blogs. Full time work really does take all my spare time away :( I’ve felt really awful that I’ve not been in touch sooner xxx

  2. Heavy picture content is the best! Fun fun!


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