13 August 2016

Batiste Stylist Shield My Locks Heat & Shine Spray

As I started to explain in my favourites post, more often than not i'm an evening shower-er. I like to come home from work and have a long shower so I can condition my hair, shave my legs, scrub my skin and frankly I just don't have time for that in the mornings. I also use a fair amount of heat and put quite a lot of strain on my hair day-to-day so, if i can, I usually let my hair air-dry and/or sleep on it wet ready to be styled in the morning. However, what I have come to find is that the majority of heat protectant sprays are made to be used on wet hair. This baffles me because I cannot be the only human to need a heat protectant for my dry hair in the morning. I've often thought about using one that's made for wet hair on my dry hair but I have fairly fine hair and it doesn't need weighing down any more than it already does.

I did find one which was made by Mark Hill but he's recently revamped his whole haircare line, and has discontinued my favourite Turn Up The Heat Extreme Heat Protection Spray in favour of one that has to be used on wet hair, again. Well, it seems that Batiste could sense my needs because they've just come out with their Stylist range that's made to help style and finish your hair. They're most well known for their famous dry shampoos in every scent and colour, so these styling products are a game changer.

Although i've bought a few of the other products in the Stylist range, this is the first one i've road tested so can only speak for this one as of yet - but if the rest of the range is anything like this, i'm going to love it.

It's an aerosol can similar to their dry shampoos and it comes out like a somewhat powder formula that makes the hair slightly damp but dries almost instantly ones brushed through. It leaves your hair feeling so super silky and smooth, almost like you've just had your hair done and it certainly does add some shine like it's name suggests. It seems to help my straighteners glide through my hair and I don't have any problems with dryness, just shiny, straight locks.

It really is quite the unusual product, i've never seen anything like it's safe to say it's made it's way into my permanent haircare routine. I don't know where i'd be without it now!


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