30 July 2016

My New Holy Grail Topshop Jeans

For as long as I can remember I have been inseparable from my Topshop Joni Jeans. They've always been exactly what i've wanted; skinny legged, high waisted & have fitted like a dream. However over the past couple of months i've lost quite a lot of weight and they just started to not fit me like they once had. I tried going down a size in the Jonis but they were just that bit too tight that it made them uncomfortable to wear. It was starting to get me down because I feel like a good pair of jeans is a staple in any girl's wardrobe and although the I could wear my Joni jeans, they were okay on my hips but way too big on the waist and I was forever pulling them up.

So on a recent trip to Westfield Stratford, I decided to bite the bullet and try on some new Tall jeans. In my time of jeans wearing i've been through a couple of Topshop jeans styles, including the Jamies and the Leighs as well as the Jonis, so after reading about each style I decided to go for it and try on the Jamie Jeans. I took in a couple of sizes with me and came out a very happy bunny.

The Topshop Jamie Jeans are described as "versatility at its coolest. A must for the high-rise lover, these jeans have you covered for all occasions." They are very similar to the Joni Jeans in that they're high waisted and a skinny jean, but they don't come up quite as high and they don't have quite as much stretch but they're still super comfortable and these actually fit like a dream. I've gone down a size in these and they really do fit perfectly, although these are slightly thicker than the Joni jeans.

Please don't mind all the creasing, i'd literally just driven home! As you can see they come up high on the waist and fit really nicely all the way down the legs. I feel like this pictures makes the rips look like they sit really funnily on my legs, but I assure you they do actually sit on my knees. Here i'm wearing them rolled up at the ankles but I do also wear them rolled down depending on how i'm feeling that day.

Honestly, they just make me feel really good about myself and I love that i've actually got some jeans that fit me so well. I love them so much I went out and bought them in dark blue, light blue, and grey as well as this ripped pair. So, if you're looking for some new high waisted jeans the Jamie could be your girl.


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