13 January 2016

Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask

During these harsh Winter months, when the whether is finally deciding to cool down, my skin cries out for moisture. During the rest of the year i do moisturise but only at this time of year do i really need to think about adding as much moisture as i can into my skincare routine.

Last Christmas my mum bought me an Origins face mask set, similar to the one they have out this year, which included this little beauty. I originally thought that i might be a bit too much for my combination skin, but actually it drinks it up. Although it's an intensive mask there's something about it that's so light. It's got a gel-like consistency, which makes it somewhat cooling, and absorbs into the skin super quickly. It's so soothing and almost instantly can you feel your skin becoming hydrated and by the morning my face looks moisturised and plump.

I highly recommend you give this a go if you're a dry skinned beauty, but even if like me you're erring on the side of combination this might just help with any dry patches you have. I apply it all over my face but it could definitely be placed just where needed.


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