31 December 2015

Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016

Wow, saying goodbye to another year already. I feel like i blinked and missed 2015, where did it go? I'm sure i've said this before, but when i was younger everyone said that as you get older time goes faster. I never really believed them because, i mean, how can time go any faster?! However, it really, really does. There just isn't enough hours in a day, days in a week, weeks in a month to get everything done that i want to do.

If i'm being honest here, i kind of feel like this past year has been a bit of a 'meh' one for me. I can pretty much remember back to January and, yes, i've done things and it's been nice but nothing considerably stands out to me. I don't feel like i've achieved a lot, i haven't done everything i've wanted to do and i just think i've been a bit lax this year. I'm not sad to say goodbye to 2015 but i am very excited to say big, fat 'hey there' to 2016.

I didn't start back blogging until March of this year, which means i took about eight months off, because full time work was taking over and i couldn't get to grips with my work/life balance. Luckily, i've settled into a nice routine and i really missed sharing on the blog so got back posting on a new schedule. Things have been pretty beauty heavy this year, really because that's where my passion lies. I love beauty products and sharing them with you, which is fine, but Legs Eleven has missed out on being as lifestyle as it used to be. I have tried to slip in some lifetysle posts towards the end of the year and, honestly, although i sometimes struggle i really do enjoy blogging. Everything from thinking of the idea, to taking the pictures and writing about it. This gives me a little spot of the internet that's not about anyone other than me and what i choose to share, which is really quite special.

I've also really jumped on the skincare bandwagon this year as my skin has never been perfect, but since i've got so heavily into reading blogs and watching Youtube i've learned so much about using the right skincare and how it can effect your skin day-to-day. Don't get me wrong, i'm no expert and certainly don't have the best skin in the world but i know how to keep it under control and i have plenty of products on hand to use if needs be.

This year i took another trip to my beloved Disney World, which i wasn't sure whether we were going to get to do or not as it's getting pretty expensive now. However, seeing as we didn't go the year before it felt all the more special. I really, really missed being there and i've spoken about this before but it really does feel like a second home. My heart actually aches to be there if i spend too long away. It was cool to experience all the new changes too, like My Disney Experience and riding the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train plus eating at the restaurant in France, in EPCOT. I definitely can't wait to go back again because so many things are changing, there will soon be lots of new additions and honestly, i just love it. I had three weeks off work over my holiday as i had some time off before i flew and a weekend off when i came back which was really lovely. Who knows where i'll be headed next year, but i'm excited nonetheless.

So i've been at my current job for about a year and a half and i'm enjoying my time there, but i think i'm beginning to feel like it's time to move on from my role and try something new. There will probably be some opportunities for me in my current business in the new year, so i might apply for some of those but i'm also going to look for other options outside the business too. I'm still so young and i want to try lots of different things. I'm so grateful for everything my retail role has done for me and it's definitely grown me as a person but i'm ready to take the next step on my adventure.

This year i feel as though my blog quality is coming on leaps and bounds. Ever since i changed my blog layout i've felt as though i've needed to up my game a bit, and i really took pride in my photography and content this year. I decided that although i was posting less often, i'd rather post less but better quality and more of what i wanted. Slightly longer, in depth posts and taken more time over the images i'm posting. In the new year i'm hoping to keep up my current posting schedule and post more lifestyle, as well as beauty, as i have towards the end of this year.

I've never been what you call socially awkward but i have always had some sort of social anxiety. This year, however, i've gone out of my way to spend time with my friends, go out after work and have dinner and drinks with my lovely group of people. Through my job i've met some really amazing ones that i can truly call my friends, and there's nothing i love more then spending time with them. They make me cry with laughter and they make me feel comfortable being myself, and it's nice to do things with them outside of work. Next year i want to continue to spend time with them, mushy i know, but sometimes it can be a struggle for me to do things socially, don't ask me why but those with anxiety will understand that sometimes you just can't explain it. Hopefully if i do change jobs, roles or careers i might meet some new people or have more time to spend with my friends.

My 23rd birthday meal at Zizzi's, in April, was something really special to me. More mush but again, i really do have a great circle of people. I can't remember the last time i actually celebrated my birthday with anyone other than my family, and don't get me wrong i love spending time with my family but sometimes there's nothing like great friendships. It felt so warming and special that i had people who wanted to spend time with me for my birthday and getting cards, and gifts, was just the icing on the cake.

I've probably only visited London a grand total of three times this year which just doesn't feel like enough. I love spending time in the capital, but it is sometimes hard to get the money and time together to go. Now one of my best girl friends is at university there i definitely want to visit more and have even more of a reason to. I definitely want to keep up the visits this year, but i also want to visit some new places in the country. Another of my best girls is at university in Canterbury so it's definitely on my cards to visit her in 2016.

Sadly 2015 has been a sad and difficult year worldwide, and this world is becoming an increasingly scary place to live but it's been amazing and beautiful to see people bounce back and not let these disgusting human beings run our lives. The struggles that i've been through this year are nothing in comparison to what the world has been through, so i'm not even going to wallow in it. I'm hoping 2016 will be a happier, more settled year.

Earlier this year i posted my 30 before 30 list, which i haven't even touched yet, so i'd like to make a good dent in it next year as there are plenty of things i could start or tick off. As i've previously mentioned i'd like to visit some new places in the UK and i'd really like to visit a spa too. We'll see how realistic this all is, but i would definitely like to get going with that.

I've come to the conclusion that i just don't like making New Years resolutions, if you want to make a change you can do that any time of the year but it is always nice to have a few wishes for the year ahead. I've shared a few with you as this post has gone on and i definitely want to work on my 30 before 30 but i'm also looking forward to really making the most of this 2016. As i've said, 2015 has been a bit of a let down so i want to take every opportunity this next year, learn to really try new things, do more things, visit more places and generally just make the most of every day. I feel as though, usually, i let time pass me by especially now i'm working full time - i think it's quite easy to do. So i'd like to really make the most of my year.

I'm sorry if this post has been a bit all over the place i just kind of let myself write rather than editing it and all i have left to say is Happy New Year to all of you. Thank you for sticking with me, and i hope 2016 is an amazing year for us all.


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