5 December 2015

Countdown to Christmas: Winter Footwear

I've been doing seasonal footwear posts for a couple of years now and, i don't know why but, i really enjoy them. It's interesting to see how my tastes change, what i wear each season and what gets added or chucked from my collection. So, without further ado, here's what i have been and what i'll continue to wear this Winter.

Carvela Tag Block Heeled Black Leather Ankle Boots | These are the newest additions to my shoe collection and i flipping love them. I recently had to get rid of my favourite pair of heeled ankle boots from River Island. I bought them probably four or five years ago and when i got them out this season, i only wore them once and they began to peel as they were only fake leather. In the past couple of years i have decided to buy only real leather shoes as they last much longer and they are, obviously, better quality. So these are the boots that i chose to replace them. I feel really sassy when i wear them! The heel height is perfect, not too high but i feel a little more dressed up. I also think the ankle height is perfect, i don't really suit the 'shoe-boot' style so it's nice that they go up a little bit higher.

Topshop Mambo Lace-up Chunky Boots | After what i just said these ones aren't leather and i've had these ones probably only a year. They're a really good faux leather, however, and are also really comfortable. It's nice that they've got a little platform at the front so it makes it slightly easier to walk in them. Again, they're a good heel height and they come up nicely on the ankle so are perfect for jeans or dresses. What's also perfect for me is that i have really skinny ankles, and feet, so sometimes boots can look a little ridiculous on me but with these, i can lace them up as tight as i want so that they fit my ankles.

Clarks Cleated Sole Buckle-up Ankle Boots | I think i bought these last Winter, and i wore them non-stop last year but i have to say that the only thing about them is, they can make my skinny ankles look a bit ridiculous. They are really chunky which sometimes i really love, but i kind of have to be in the mood to wear them. They are really comfortable and, again, i can buckle them up to really fit my ankles.

Clarks Griffin Mabel Black Leather Shoes | When i visited Edinburgh two Summers ago, all i took with me was a little pair of canvas pumps and in typical Scotland style it just rained non-stop which meant i had very wet feet. So i stopped by Clarks and bought these to protect me from the rain. They're leather and so, so comfortable. They fit my feet perfectly and have lasted me through all weathers!

New Look Black Fringed Tassel T-Bar Shoes | These were only added to my collection this past year mainly because, as i said, i wanted to wear mainly just leather shoes. However, they were quite uncomfortable for the first wear but i love the way they look.

Clarks Nessa Clare Black Leather Knee High Boots | I've had these ones for a couple of years now and they have seen me through a good couple of Winters. I wear them with just about everything, everything from jeans to skirts. They wear so well and with a good polish they look brand new again. These were probably the start of my realisation that quality shoes are better for my feet, and for my bank balance - in the long run. They fit my feet and my tiny ankles perfectly too, which is always an achievement.

ASOS Lace-up Brogue Ankle Boots | I bought these in desperation for having no ankle boots that fitted me and, although, they weren't exactly what i wanted but they did the job. I actually love these more now than when i first bought them but again i can do them up to fit my ankles and i love the brogue style, too.

Royal Blue Ankle Ugg Boots | Lastly is my lovely royal blue Ugg boots that i bought in Florida goodness knows how long ago. They always make a repeat appearance in the Winter. I don't wear them as much as some of my other boots, because they're harder to style and they're pretty casual but i still love them. I'm glad i've got them for those days where you just want to be comfortable.

Another Winter, another footwear post. What are your favourite pairs of shoes to wear at this time of year?


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