12 December 2015

Countdown to Christmas: Decorating the Home

I've shared for the last couple of years how i've chosen to decorate for the festive season, so i thought i'd bring it back again and show you a few snippets of my decorations for the year.

This is our Christmas tree for 2015, we do tend to go for a similar vibe every year. I know some people change the theme every year, but we love a mix and match style with all of the baubles we've collected over the years. There's my first Christmas baubles, ornaments we've picked up from Disney World, ones we've been gifted and of course candy canes to finish it off. We also prefer multi coloured lights to white, i know that can be a real debate in some households.

We also choose to have a welcome light in our bay window, but this is actually a fairly new tradition, i think, we've only had one for five years or so. I really like the idea though and it's really lovely to come home to.

There's a whole host of other ornaments and decoration around the house but if i showed you all of that too we'd be here all day, so next up is my room. I always like to have a nativity in my room, as it's something i've been brought up with and i also think it's nice to remember why we really celebrate Christmas, but that's obviously up to personal preference.

Other things around my room, i collected these red glass pieces probably a year or two ago from the local garden centre and i have two of the small wine glass style tea light holders - or that's what i'm using them for - a bowl and a plate that all live around my room. As i said, the glasses look really lovely with just a plain tealight inside them, especially through the red. I have my winter candles out, the one you can in the top photo is a pine scented one from Sainsburys actually from last year, which i don't think they have this year which is sad. Below that is my little pixie kings tealight holder which i'm really not sure where i got it from, but it comes out every year and i love it. It's gold and sparkly and i love the little pixies sitting on the crown. As you can see from the top, i also have my gold, glittery Merry Christmas from Tesco which i adore and actually have two of, as well as my red glass tealight lantern.

A new addition for 2015 is my DIY fairy light jar, that is just so pinterest. I've seen these all over the internet and i just thought they were super pretty and really effective. It was so simple to put together, all i needed was the ribbed glass jar, which i bought from John Lewis, and the fairly lights that are on wire which i got from Lights4Fun. It's such a cute idea for a night light, too. They're battery operated too, so it's all kept in the jar and i honestly just love it.

I bought this felt Christmas tree from John Lewis last year, and they've brought it back again this year, it's only £20 and i think it's super cute. I love that it's still traditional but a little bit quirky too.

I like to have a lot of lights in my room at this time of year, because i think that's one of my favourite things at Christmastime. I have my own battery operated welcome light that i have in my window, i think i bought it from Wilkinsons a couple of years ago. It's just plastic and plain white but when it's dark and lit up it's really effective. I also have this really pretty light-up fake holly garland that i wind around my bedhead. Again, they're battery operated and just so pretty when it's all dark and they're lit up. BUT best of all, i have my fairy lights all the way around my ceiling. I simply adore them and i the morning i light to get ready by just the light of my fairy lights.

Lastly, this is my advent calendar. My parents bought this for me when i was at uni and sent it to me in the post, filled up ready for Christmas and she's kept up the tradition for me. This year, so far, i've had all sorts from Lindt teddys, mini sharpies, socks and hair bobbles. I actually love that there's so many different things in it, as i'm not a huge chocolate lover plus it's just a really lovely decoration.

So there you have it, that's how i've decorated for Christmas this year. Please do share your favourite ways to decorate!


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