11 November 2015

(Why I Don't Like) Wearing Lip Liners

I feel like this was all the rage in the 90's, but over the last year i've heard more and more friends discussing using lip liners instead of lipsticks. I hear that they stay on longer, and are great if you love matte lips. I, however, don't really enjoy wearing matte lipsticks for the very same reason that i don't enjoy wearing lip liners: dryness.

I have quite dry lips, and the skin is really prone to cracking and peeling - gross, i know. So, the matte formula isn't really my cup of tea however, i do love a long-lasting lip product. One of my good friends introduced me to wearing lip liners, probably, six or so months ago now and it set me on a bit of a lip liner craze. I bought a load of different brands and colours, but she specifically recommended the Kiko brand ones to me. I bought a few of those and actually they're not the worst for drying out your lips but they're no where near hydrating either. The one i'm applying, and wearing, above is the Maxfactor Colour Elixir Lip Liner in Mauve Moment and this one is terrible after a couple of minutes. It settles into all the cracks and grooves on my lips, and makes them look shrivelled and dry. Perhaps it's better being worn with a gloss, but i'm not one for glosses either. I have tried wearing liners under and over lip balm, but to no avail.

I'm just not sure than liners are for me but i do see where they come in handy, when you're wearing a heavy lip - to help with bleeding and keeping your colour in place. However, if you have any suggestions for liners that might be more up my street then please do let me know!


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  1. I feel the same about lip liners! Glad it's not just me! xx



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