21 November 2015

Countdown to Christmas: Festive Nail Polish

I don't know why but i just love doing my annual Christmas nail polish post. Probably, i suppose, because the festive season is honestly my favourite time of year to paint my nails. I actually think the only time this year, other than January, where i've worn something other than OPI Nail Envy is during my holiday in August. So it was quite nice to dig deep into my nail varnish collection and decide what i was going to be wearing this season. If you were wondering, i buy almost all of my varnish from Nail Polish Direct so head there if you're looking for any new additions to your collection this Christmas and, as usual, here is what i've been rocking and will continue to during Christmas.

Mavala Hearth & Barry M Mermaid | Hearth is such a lovely classic, cool-toned green. I'm really not a green nail polish wearer but this one is just really easy to wear, as it's not too bright or 'sickly'. Paired with Barry M's Mermaid really makes it special, though. These are, however, quite hard to work with as the flecks of glitter are almost shards, triangular pieces in varying sizes and it can be a little difficult to evenly spread them on the nail. Despite all that though, together they look so festive and magical. I love me some glitter nail polish at Christmas, so i'll for-go the difficult application.

OPI Berlin There, Done That & China Glaze Dancing & Prancing | I love this warm-toned, taupe colour and Berlin There, Done That is really easy to wear. I used to really hate nude coloured nail polish as i though it didn't do anything for me, but sometimes you want something pretty neutral. This one is perfect for me, though, as it's nice and warm and not too nude. Taupes are a great way to go if, like me, you don't suit nudes. However, with beautiful Dancing & Prancing over the top it's something quite special. This glitter is a multicoloured polish with a lot of pink, which works really well with the taupe, in varying sized, hexagonal shaped pieces. 

OPI The Spy Who Loved Me | This is one of my favourite shades to wear over Christmas, because it's such a true, classic, Christmas red. It's OPI so it's super easy to apply and it has a beautiful, finely milled golden glitter running through it which really makes it something special for the festive season.

OPI I Have a Herring Problem & Essie Set in Stones | I Have a Herring Problem is one that i would wear all year round, but during Winter i think it's a beautiful, icy blue colour and works really well paired with silver glitter. It actually has a fine golden glitter running though it but when paired with silver it's even prettier. Essie's Set in Stones has been a firm favourite of mine for a long time because it's simple but really effective. It's a mixed glitter with different sized pieces and in different shapes, but just in silver. It's beautiful, and goes with everything.

OPI Underneath the Mistletoe | This polish, to me, is the epitome of Winter nail polish. It's that classic berry shade, with be beautiful fine, red glitter running through it. It's not at all thick or chunky and it applies super smoothly. There's little to say about this one i just think it's the perfect Christmas colour.

Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Blood Orange & Barry M Jingle Bells | A couple of years ago i wanted a classic, affordable red colour because i realised i didn't actually own one in my collection. So, i went out and bought this Barry M shade which really is a true red and i was a little hesitant as i hadn't bought Barry M in a long time as the last time i had bought them they were awful polishes, but with this one i was pleasantly surprised. It dries quickly and applies smoothly, and the colours are super pigmented and opaque. Jingle Bells is another glitter that's a little hard to work with, but it's quite unique. This one contains lots of strips and dots of gold and red glitter, and some silver stars. It's difficult to evenly spread over the nail but if you get it right, it does look really nice.

China Glaze I Choo-Choo Choose You | Now, this one is a really peculiar colour. In the bottle it looks like a purple shade with a duo chrome gold when you shine it in the light but in these images it looks like it's a green shade with a gold duo chrome - strange. I think it's a mixture of everything, which makes it a really unique colour. Either way, it's nice and dark for the Winter months but it's shimmery and has plenty of colour to it.

OPI Uh-Oh Roll Down the Window & China Glaze Snow Globe | After saying that i'm not a green nail polish wearer, here's another green! This one is more of a khaki green, which is another kind of green that i find much easier to wear. This, for me, is what i consider to be a neutral. It goes with most things and especially when paired with a glitter, it can actually look quite snazzy. Snow Globe is a much thicker glitter polish, although the actual glitter isn't at all chunky there's something about this base polish that's really textured and thick. However, it does make the glitter easier to place over the nail and i love the snowy look to it, as it's a small, white, iridescent glitter.

OPI Haven't the Foggiest | This is a classic silver shade, i mean what do you say about that? It's a classic OPI texture, and is a super shimmery, finely milled glitter. It applies smoothly, goes with everything and honestly, it's just a shade you need in your collection especially for the festive season.

Mavala St Germain | This is a slightly different shade for the Christmas season, as it's a beautiful pink colour. It's an opal backgrounded, deep pink colour from Mavala and although i know this season is mainly about the reds, this is a nice different option if you're sick of all that a red!

Mavala Black Cherry | This photo doesn't do it totally justice but i had to include it, Black Cherry is exactly like it sounds. An almost black, deep, deep cherry red colour that shines a beautiful plum tone in the light. I love these kinds of colours in the Winter, and it almost looks just like a typical cream finish but actually, if you look carefully, it does have some shimmer running through which makes it extra special.

OPI Sprung | This one is another different kind of colour, it's a glitter shade that has a mix of rusty orange and pinky glitter pieces which comes across as a copper colour. This is a different kind of festive colour but is beautiful for Christmas, none the less. 

China Glaze Meet Me Under the Stars | This one is really different for me as i never wear black polish, but this is something special. Black and silver glitter held in a sheer-ish black base, it really does look like the night sky - it's beautiful. This is a little chunkier than some of the glittery, shimmery shades but not at all in a bad way. If you haven't tried this already, i highly recommend you add this to your collection.

OPI Glitzerland | A classic, true, shimmery gold, not at all yellow toned and so easy to wear. This is another neutral for me, it really does go with everything and i love that it's packed with shimmer.

OPI In the Cable Car-Pool Lane & OPI Rose of Light | In the Car-Pool Lane is a classic, cream finish berry-red shade and it's another classic Winter colour. Although it doesn't look anything too special, there's something about this that is really lovely. Rose of light is exactly what it says on the tin, a rose toned glitter with a lot of rose-gold pieces with some iridescent square flecks, which all sounds quite simple but as you can see here, it's a glittering beauty when applied.

Barry M Chai & China Glaze Nova | Chai really just is a true, cool-toned grey. Nothing all that special, i really added this to my collection to wear with glitters or just as something but nothing colour when i wasn't sure what to wear but i wanted something neutral. However, put Nova over the top and it becomes something quite special. Nova is packed full of tiny silver and iridescent pieces of glitter but it's really beautiful when applied, as you can see here. It's easy to pack it on but you can have as much base showing as you want.

And there you have it, my 2015 festive nail polish. What are you wearing this time of year?


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