28 November 2015

Countdown to Christmas: Festive Makeup Look

To go along with the rest of my festive posts, this year, i thought i'd share with you my go-to Christmas eye look. I love to add a touch of colour to makeup, especially this time of year, and i think at Christmas you're allowed to go a little more fun. I much prefer warmer colours too, on my skintone, but you could totally recreate this look with cooler tones or perhaps a different colour - this is just my go-to look. I have to say that if you'd told me five years ago that i'd be rocking this kind of look, i would never have thought that i would ever have worn these pinky, red tones on my eyes but look at me now.

Products I used to create this look: Charlotte Tilbury The Dolce Vita Palette, Mac Cranberry Eyeshadow, Mac Sketch Eyeshadow & Urban Decay Moondust Eyeshadow in Space Cowboy.

And for anyone that's interested my unblended highlight is theBalm's Mary-Lou Manizer which, until looking at these images, i did not realise how unblended it was. However, fear not, i blended it before i left the house and actually that is one of my favourite highlights so i definitely recommend it.

Anyway, to create this i swept the lightest shade in the Charlotte Tilbury Dolce Vita palette, known on the back of the palette as 'prime', which is a classic, shimmery but not glittery champagne shade all over the lid and up into the crease as a base.

I then took Cranberry on a wide pencil brush, starting in the outer corner and along the lash line to build up the colour and then blended it out into the centre of the lid to cover the outer half. I went over the outer corner again to create a little more colour so you start to see the ombre effect from the outside to the inside.

Next, i decided that i wanted to deepen up the outside shade and warm it up a little more so, on another pencil brush, i popped the copper, red colour from Charlotte Tilbury's Dolce Vita Palette, thought of to be 'enhance' on the back of the palette, just in the outer V, concentrating it in the crease, just above and along the lash line, and blended it out into Cranberry.

I felt like my eye didn't have enough definition with this look, yet, despite the ombre so took Mac's Sketch eyeshadow, which is described as a burgundy, red shimmer with a velvet finish - which is actually more of a matte - on a pointed pencil brush and shaded in just the very outer end of the crease. I didn't pack on too much or take the colour too far in, just on the very outer edge and blended it in with a fluffy Mac 217 blending brush. This just really gives the eyes some shape and deepens up the look.

Once all of my 'base' colours are applied, i made sure to go back over and blend everything into each other to give the eye a seamless look. It's totally up to you but you could definitely blend the outer edge more than i have, i chose to keep the look as a very cut line edge but you could smoke it out and blend it further if you wished.

As it's Christmas, i decided to finish the look with some pops of glitter which, sadly, just don't come off on camera. These images do not do it justice but, trust me, in person i was a discoball so if you're going to be taking pictures be sure to pack on that glitter - which is what i'll be doing for my work Christmas party. I used the golden glitter shade, entitled 'pop', from the Charlotte Tilbury Dolce Vita palette on the outer half of my eye and then used Urban Decay's Moondust Eyeshadow in Space Cowboy over the inner corner and rest of the lid. This one is described as a light champagne with silver sparkle, but honestly it comes across as just a lot of iridescent glitter particles that shimmer and shine in different light and it doesn't really transfer any actual base colour so it's great for applying over your finished eye look.

So that is my go-to festive look for the holiday season, and i really love how it pops on my eyes but it actually doesn't take all that much time to do. What's your favourite festive look?


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