28 October 2015

Why I Blog (Happy 5th Birthday Legs Eleven!)

I was inspired after reading Lily Melrose's blog post about 'Why I Blog', and i thought considering today is Legs Eleven's 5th birthday it was quite apt that i share my 'Why' with you too.

I completely agree with Lily, people start blogs for all sorts of reasons from necessity for careers or sometimes even purely for pleasure. Blogs are an amazing platform to voice your views in this, sometimes, closed minded society, and what i find truly amazing is that you can share you voice about almost anything. I have been blogging since October 2010, just about a year before i went to University. I was actually inspired to start my blog after visiting my eventual university's open day and hearing my soon-to-be lecturers talk about the importance of blogs, online publications and social media. In the five years that i have been blogging the online world has taken the media industry by storm and we're seeing Youtubers on the cover of prestigious, long running magazines and i love that the worlds are, finally, meshing. In five years Twitter and Instagram have become a whole new phenomenon in which you can voice your opinions or share your day with thousands of people in seconds. I honestly think i'm growing up in quite an amazing generation and i can't wait to see what the next steps are.

So, i'm here to share with you my list of why i love to blog:

      - Being able to share my thoughts freely, and easily.
      - To be part of an amazing, beautiful, creative community.
      - Being a part of and growing up in this constantly changing digital age.
      - Sharing that you can share your voice, no matter who you are.
      - Gaining self-confidence.
      - To challenge myself to commit to something and keep up with interesting,
        new content to reflect who i am.
      - Meeting like-minded people.
      - Having an online diary because Lord knows i can't remember to keep a
        physical one.
      - To share my excitement about beauty and fashion, about where my life is
        going and, well, anything actually.
      - To give my brain something different to work on.
      - To help me keep one foot in the world of journalism and media while i
        decide my next step.
      - Because it's actually really interesting.
      - Because it's very satisfying knowing that people read, and enjoy, your
      - To realise there are people out there, just like you.

So there are just a few reasons as to why i love to blog. Blogging really did change not only my outlook on life, but also my personality and who i have grown into. I have changed so much in the last five years, as has my content, but you can see every step of my growth in my blog which i find fascinating. For example, as looked for images to use in this blog post, i could see the dramatic change in my skin and that's probably, a lot, down to the skincare i use which has all been documented, here, on Legs Eleven. I have sometimes struggled with blogging, as i've shared with you, but i've always come back and continued on. It's grown from a hobby into not only a passion but another part of me.


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  1. Happy blog birthday Kathryn! I really enjoy your blog and I love that you blog for (in my opinion) all the right reasons, you can tell you have so much passion for your blog and it really shines through. xxx



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