5 September 2015

My Disney Tag

As you're reading this i will have recently arrived home from a holiday in Florida and, more excitingly, Disney World! Despite that, while i'm writing this i am about to embark on said holiday - i know right, blog scheduling is weird. Anyway, since i've started the blog back up, it's been very review and beauty heavy which, don't get me wrong, i love. I personally love reading blogs for honest reviews and swatches too, so i'm glad to pass back the favour and share my thoughts on some of my favourite products. However, i really do miss the chattier side of the blog. So, for the next month things are going to the other extreme and it's gonna get real chatty around these parts. Hopefully, long term i can get the personally/product balance right.

To start things off, and to keep my holiday alive, i'm kicking things off with the Disney Tag. There are a few versions floating around the 'Tube so i've mashed a few together and, here, i'm sharing my answers and my memories with you.

From Top Left to Bottom Right: EPCOT's Spaceship Earth, Hollywood Studios' Tower of Terror, Magic Kingdom's Wishes & Animal Kingdom's The Tree of Life

1 | First Time you went to Disney World? It was 1999 and i was seven. That trip was the one, and only, time i've ever taken any time out of school for a holiday. It was during February half term and i had an extra week during school time. I remember it so vividly, we had just arrived back to school after a trip to the pantomime; it was pitch dark and i was sitting right at the back of the bus. Mr Ashton-Hall, one of my teachers, announced to the bus that i was getting off first because i was shooting off on holiday and everyone said goodbye to me as i walked all the way down the coach.

2 | Favourite Park? This has definitely changed over the years, but i think it always has been and will always remain Magic Kingdom. I know it's so cliche, but the Magic Kingdom epitomises Disney for me. I really used to dislike EPCOT, but it was always my Dad's favourite park, and i've now really grown to love everything about it. I love that it's still got that sparkle but without being too full on and overwhelming. However, i simply love the Magic Kingdom and what it stands for. It's amazing to see it grow and expand from the first time i saw it in 1999.

3 | Favourite Land in Magic Kingdom? Leading on from the last question, i think my favourite land is Frontierland. I love that it has two of the Mountains and i love the Country and Western atmosphere. I adore Country music, and i love the more relaxed vibe. I love the details; like the rocking chairs outside the stores, on the porch, i love Liberty Square on the end, i love the Liberty Belle, and watching people explore on Tom Sawyer's Island from the mainland. Oh, and the smells. Turkey legs, churros, pretzels and popcorn - delicious!

Cinderella's Castle & The Partners Statue, Magic Kingdom

4 | Favourite Disney Resort Hotel? My favourite, that i've stayed in, is Port Orleans: French Quarter. It was so tranquil, peaceful and different for Disney. I really liked that there wasn't so many younger children and a lot more young couples and older families, but i really love the Sassagoula river running through it. My favourite of all of them, though? Without even visiting it, i really like the look of the Polynesian. I love the laid back look and i think Ohana looks lovely!

5 | Favourite Snack? A lot of Disney is about the food, for me. I talk about the foods i'm going to eat long before the holiday begins. If i have to narrow it down, i'd say my two favourite snacks are churros - which can be found, generally, in Frontierland, and Kakigori found at Kabuki's Cafe in Japan, in EPCOT. This year, however, i really want to try out the cream cheese pretzels, that i hear can be found in Hollywood Studios.

6 | Favourite Souvenir? My favourite souvenir is one that i think i haven't yet bought. I have been going to Disney nearly most of my life and i am yet to buy ears. I know, crazy huh? This year i want to buy the sequin Minnie ears and wear them the whole trip. Something that i've already got, however, is something that my parents bought for me, without me knowing, is a congratulations mickey. They gave it to me when i received my results and it's a lovely ceramic Mickey in a box, from the Best Wishes collection, by Lenox and he's holding a banner reading Congratulations.

7 | Favourite Table Service and Counter Service? I don't think i have ever eaten in a table service restaurant. We actually don't eat all that much in Disney because, frankly, it's expensive and we've just never found the Dining Plan for us. This trip, however, we've got a table booked at Chefs de France in EPCOT. It's my dad's choice, and i'm looking forward to it. If i could choose to eat anywhere, it would probably be the California Grill at the Contemporary. Not only does the food look expensive devine but you also have the opportunity to watch Wishes from the top, outdoor balcony. If you keep your receipt from your meal, that day, you can even come back later.

8 | Favorite Ride? Someone at work recently asked me this and i found it such a hard question to answer. I do really love Splash Mountain, it's just a classic. I also really love Toy Story: Midway Mania. Honestly though, there are too many to name: Thunder Mountain, Pirate's of the Carribean, Peter Pan's Flight, Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin - i love them all.

Splash Mountain & Thunder Mountain, Magic Kingdom

9 | Favourite Show? I adore Fantasmic! I'm not sure if this counts as a fireworks or a show, but this is honestly by far my favourite show and it always has been. My parents enjoy it but i don't think they're as enamoured by it as i am. I tear up everything time, and for me it means so much. So much of Disney is wrapped up in this show; Villians, Mickey's Imagination, Sorcerer Mickey, so many of the characters - it's just spectacular.

10 | Favourite Parade or Fireworks? Wishes. Hands down, Wishes. I cry every darn time, it's just so beautiful. We heard a joke once, and actually i can't remember where it was that we heard it, but they said that Wishes was named so because it Wishes it was as good as Illuminations: Reflections of Earth, in EPCOT. My dad loves that jokes, as Illuminations is his favourite and tells it all the time.

Wishes Nighttime Spectacular, Magic Kingdom

11 | Favourite Pavilion in Epcot? Probably Mexico, i love how authentic and atmospheric it feels. Plus, i secretly love the Gran Fiesta Tour starring the Three Caballeros. It's just a nice break from the hustle and bustle, a break for your feet and i love to have a sing-a-long.

12 | What Colour is your Magic Band? This is the first year we'll be having magic bands and mine is red.

13 | Favourite Character to Meet? I've met plenty of characters over the years, but one of my favourite memories and, actually, my first memory of disney is walking into the Magic Kingdom and walking along the street was Peter Pan. In my head it was really quiet and i don't even remember seeing him with a handler, but i'm sure that can't be right. He was the first character i ever met and i love how much personality Peter Pan has.

14 | A Character you haven't Met but Really Want To? Now i'm older, i don't really meet characters purely because it can take up so much of your day. The lines can get so ridiculously long, and i'm not so bothered. But if i could meet any character, now, it would probably be Rapunzel or Merida, i just love how sassy they are.

15 | Your Best Disney Memory? This is so tricky, i've shared some with you already and there are so many more in my brain. One of them was meeting Jessie, from Toy Story 2, for the first time. I remember her stealing my pen and waving it around so i couldn't get it back. That was a lovely character interaction.

Main Street USA, Magic Kingdom

16 | A Scene in any Disney Movie you Wish you Could Experience? Maybe a weird one, but i secretly would love to be Hannah Montana and i would just love to live the Hannah Montana movie. I think i mentioned earlier that i love Country music, but i love the western vibes; the horses, the cowgirl boots, the cute boy.. You get my gist.

17 | What Non-Disney Song Reminds you of Disney and the parks? Although it probably counts as a Disney song, the reel of music played in the background at EPCOT. I love the music they play there, and as we're talking about EPCOT; the Sourin' song is something i love listening too when i'm getting excited for Disney. However two songs that are not at all Disney, that remind me of my time at Disney are Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson and Magic by B.O.B. Breakaway was a song i used to listen to a lot when i was travelling to Disney, and then it was in Princess Diaries and Magic is a song a lot of people use in Disney vlogs.

18 | If you Could Choose any Disney Character to be Your Best Friend, Who Would You Choose? I would choose Lily from Hannah Montana. I mean, look at the secret she keeps for Miley. I love the relationship they have, and what else could you ask for in a best friend!?

19 | Who is your Favourite Disney Princess? Since she is now 
officially a princess, my favourite is Merida. She is just so Brave, pardon the pun. She's independent, sassy and fierce.

20 | Name a Moment in any Disney Movie that Never Fails to Make You Cry. You've watched the whole story; the naughty children, the rubbish nannies, Jane & Michael's letter, the perfect nanny is blown in by an East wind right at the perfect 
moment, jumping into chalk pictures, and everything else. The moment Mary Poppins leaves the Banks' home, and the children run off with their father to fly a kite. I just love the whole story and it opens with one of my favourite Disney quotes: "Winds in the East, mist coming in, like somethin' is brewin' and 'bout to begin. Can't put me finger on what lies in store, but i fear what's to happen all happened before."

21 | What is the first Disney movie you remember seeing? I have to say that i can't remember the first ever Disney film i ever watched, but as a young child Cinderella, 101 Dalmatians, Beauty & the Beast and Lion King were all on on a regular basis.

Beauty & The Beast - Live On Stage, Hollywood Studios

22 | What is your favorite Disney movie? Probably Mary Poppins, Monsters Inc or Frozen.

23 | Who is your favorite Disney villain? Not a typical Disney villain but i can't help but love Lucifer, the cat, from Cinderella. He's a rascal, but that little pink nose and fluffy tail are too cute not to love. Plus, someone needs to keep those pesky mice in order!

24 | What is your least favorite Disney movie? I have never really connected with The Emperor's New Groove, Pete's Dragon, Honey I Shrunk the Kids or The Rescuers.

25 | What is your favorite Disney song? If i had to choose one it would probably be Colours of the Wind from Pocahontas.

26 | Who is your Favourite Side Kick? I love Maximus, from Tangled. I love his personality, how much he loves Rapunzel and his hooves have his name engraved!

Tangled Restrooms, Magic Kingdom

27 | All time Favourite Disney Soundtrack? Lets be honest here, there are hundreds of amazing Disney soundtracks but my goodness, Frozen is just so GOOD.

28 | Disneyland or Disney World? I've been to both, and hands down it's Disney World for me. I just think that it's magic. It means so much to me, for so many reasons, and i've honestly pretty much grown up there over most of my childhood Summers. Plus, it's just not Disney without Animal Kingdom, EPCOT & Hollywood Studios for me.

Cinderella's Castle Viewed from Liberty Bridge, Magic Kingdom

As you're reading this i will have recently returned from my latest Disney trip and i'm sure i'll have plenty more stories and pictures to share with you. So stay tuned for more Disney posts and hopefully some American beauty too, as trust me when i say i'll be doing plenty of shopping!


All Images are my Own .

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