20 June 2015

bareMinerals Ready Eyeshadow 2.0 in The Covert Affair

I have never owned anything bareMinerals. Until now. I have a lovely friend at work, Lizzie, who swears by her bareMinerals mineral foundation, and lipgloss and honestly loves the brand. I, however, just cannot get on board with powder foundation so have kind of steered clear. But when i spotted this little beauty, while trying to come up with gift ideas for my birthday, i knew it was something i just had to try.

This is the Ready Eyeshadow Duo 2.0 in The Covert Affair, and first thing you notice is, just like Nars, it has that velvety black packaging that picks up all the dirt and is impossible to clean but that's something i can come to terms with for a lovely product. As you can see the shades inside are called Air & Catch Me If..., Air is a beautiful golden toned champagne shimmer and Catch Me If... is an unusual golden toned pink/plum/burgundy shade. They work beautifully separately but are utterly gorgeous blended together and are quite clearly made for each other.

I am happy to report that the eyeshadows themselves are not just beautiful, but lovely to work with too. They're a silky texture and are somewhat lighter than they look in colour when applied, perhaps kind of sheer but can be built up and actually i really love that about them. It makes them super easy to blend, and take very little work to put together to create a lovely day to day look. Not only are is the product buttery and blendable, but also have great lasting power. These last me a long day at work in the air conditioning/outdoor humidity/still air inside the store. I actually love wearing these for work, it's just something more exciting to wear than my usual wash of colour and, as i said before, they blend so easily that it takes next to no time to do before work.

I would definitely consdider trying more from the bareMinerals brand and definitely the eyeshadows.

The Covert Affair can be bought on JohnLewis.com for £19.



  1. These look and sound beautiful :) Love the shades, I'm always looking for long lasting eyeshadow.
    Love Holly x


  2. Beautiful colours, these sound amazing! I'm always looking at Bare Minerals eyeshadows but am yet to commit haha xx



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