13 May 2015

True Grace Wild Lime Candle

I can't remember whether i've mentioned this in a blog post already, but i've been using Yankee Candles for as long as i can remember and they've never given me any grief. However, over the past, probably, six months they've been a real pain to burn - they give off black smoke, don't burn evenly and are just all round annoying. So i decided to burn the last of what i had - although actually didn't get to the bottom - and try something new.

So, for my birthday my lovely parents bought me a few new candles to try out, one of them being this True Grace Tin Candle in Wild Lime. Being a John Lewis partner has a lot of positives, including opening my eyes to so many brands i had no idea about. We actually have a pretty large candle selection in my branch, True Grace being one of them. All of the products are made in a workshop in Wiltshire, UK, by Phillipa and Roger Biles a couple who believe that scents are associated with experiences and feelings and can take you back to your childhood. They're created using 100% natural plant wax and organically grown wheat alcohol.

They picked this because i am a sucker for citrus scents, they're probably my favourite. Wild Lime is so zingy and perfect for the Spring & Summer. It smells so fresh and scents my entire room, allowing me to smell it as soon as i enter even if it's not burning. What i love most is that it burned beautifully; it was even, no smoke to be seen and it comes in a beautiful tin that looks lovely when displayed. It actually does come with a lid that i didn't photograph so the wick can be hidden away if you so choose.

If you're looking to try something new, i'd recommend giving these ago. They can be purchased from John Lewis here, and aren't the cheapest candles but i'm willing to pay a little more to get a good scent and burn.


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