3 February 2014

#NOTM | Nails of the Month: JANUARY

So February brings a new month, & i'm back and i'm ready to blog. I'm really glad that i took that step back and took the time to have a break because, honestly, posting every other day no matter how big or small can be a lot of work but i'm glad that i did it. I've decided that every other day really is a little too time consuming for my life right now because my final year of university is heavy going, let alone that life is still carrying on too. So, i've decided that the best way for me to continue blogging is to have a schedule. Here, on Legs Eleven, you'll be getting a new post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday now for the foreseeable future. I really enjoy posting every other day but it's just too much for me at the moment and if i want to continue blogging then i need to review how things ago, so for now that's how things are going to go! But enough of that, lets get on with things!

I've decided that a new post i'd like to introduce is #NOTM or Nails of the Month. 2013 saw the year that i got really bored with painting my nails, and i could just never find the time so this year i'd really like to bring the nail painting back. I've decided that i have to make time for myself, no matter how small, and so hopefully every Sunday night i'll take the time to paint my nails and then document it and make it into a post so that you, and i, can see what i decided to wear the previous month. It'll be nice to look back on what i liked at the time too, so here's what i wore for the month of January.

The Christmas period seriously got me back into nail painting, and even more so... The glitter. I have been loving a glitter nail, and let me tell you that it's not just for Christmas either. I feel like it's just something a little different and brightens the January gloom that little bit.

1. Essie Parka Perfect with Models Own Jack Frost Top Coat.

I started off the month, straight after Christmas, sporting this beautiful Essie shade that i got in a mini, in my stocking. In the bottle it looks like a shimmery icey blue shade but when i applied it the shimmer didn't really show, so i decided to make it shimmer myself and apply a glittery top coat. This is my favourite of the Models Own glitter top coats because i think it applies the best and it really adheres to the nail. This was before i decided that i wanted to do these posts, ski i had to recreate it to show you but i loved it so much i almost wanted to reapply. It just seems like the perfect Wintery, January combo.

2. Models Own Champagne with Barry M Lychee & Models Own Blizzard Accent Nail.

This time i wanted to go for something a little more neutral but just as fancy so i went with my old fail safe Champagne that has been my go to shade for goodness knows how long. I love this colour and it honestly goes with everything. Over Christmas i had tested out the Barry M Gelish Nail Paint in Blood Orange and fallen in love with how quickly it dried and how beautiful it looked so i went out and bought the nude shade as i had heard that it looked lovely under glitter. Well, this one isn't my absolute favourite and i don't think i'd wear it alone but it sure looks lovely under Blizzard. I do love Blizzard but it's so hard to apply, and it doesn't stick well to the nail and honestly ends up looking clumpy but when i got it how i wanted it i really liked the outcome.

3. OPI Original Nail Envy Nail Strengthener.

This was basically the nail polish to 2013 for me, i pretty much had it on none stop and i find that my nails really benefit from wearing it. I wasn't sure what to apply next and i was moving back to uni so didn't see the point in applying a new colour for it to chip so went back to this little beauty.

4. Essie Sable Collar with Essie Set in Stones Top Coat.

This is a really new purchase for me, as i fell in love with Parka Perfect i wanted to try out some more Essie. In the bottle this is a really unusual colour, it kind of looks like a red and gold duo chrome but when applied it kind of just looked like a shimmery brown - and i really hate brown. So i decided to put my new Essie glitter over the top and test them out at the same time, and i really love the outcome. Sable Collar actually did grow on me and i wish i'd had it in November time as i think it'd be perfect for that time of year but i think i would use it again.

5. Essie It's Genius with Set in Stones Accent Nail.

Lastly, in January, i tested another new Essie. I love this colour, it's just as pretty on as it looks in the bottle and it's a kind of deep purple/pink shimmery berry colour. That's one of my favourite colours for this season, and as you can see the theme i added another glitter nail because i fell head over heels for Set in Stones. It applies amazingly for a glitter, the pay off is amazing, the glitter lays evenly and it dries so fast. This is my new favourite glitter and it makes Models Own glitter look rubbish!

What were you wearing last month?



  1. 4 and 5 are GORGEOUS! Wahh I need them in life! xx


  2. Number 4 is my favourite, I love the sparkles <3 <3

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com


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