19 February 2014

Essie Winter Collection Minis

After missing out on the full size Essie Winter Collection, so many times did i nearly buy this little beauty for myself but i convinced myself that i didn't need it, and what did my wonderful mother do? She read my mind and popped this in my stocking this Christmas.

I have to admit that i haven't used an Essie shade since the beginning of the Summer, as i've been flitting between OPI and Models Own, but most often OPI Original Nail Envy, and i had forgotten how lovely Essie is to work with. They are so easy to apply and dry amazingly fast. They have a beautiful formula and finish, and i really must buy myself some more this year. Many of the colours i already own are very bright, Summery colours so i haven't had a chance to use for some time, so this was a welcome change.

Essie's Parka Perfect wasn't quite what i had hoped for, when applied. In the bottle it looks like a beautiful blue, grey shade with very subtle shimmer but when applied on my nails it seemed to loose it's shimmer which disappointed me. It didn't seem to really suit me left by itself, and i'm not sure whether it was my skintone or something else but once i applied a beautiful Models Own glitter on top called Jack Frost it seemed to come into it's own and looked beautifully icey, and the blue grey shade seemed to work with me more.

I wore Essie's Toggle to the Top as my post-Christmas manicure and it was lovely, not quite what i had thought but still a lovely shade. The base, in the bottle, looks like a dark burgundy colour but when applied to the nail and layered up it turns into a seriously deep, dark, almost black burgundy red. What makes it special is the beautiful, what looks like red, glitter suspended within the base. I actually think the glitter is silver but coloured by the base but either way it's a real beauty, perfect for Autumn/Winter.

Essie's Shearling Darling is actually very similar to Toggle to the Top, it's a dark burgundy shade that when applied and layered becomes a deep, dark, almost black burgundy red shade. It applies beautifully, as usual, and is a beautiful Autumn/Winter shade.



  1. This looks like a lovely trio, esp the red sparkly shade

  2. Toggle to the top looks especially beautiful! <3

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com


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