25 September 2013

Favourite Fluro Polishes

Neon polish is one of my favourites and actually is also one of my go tos, because they clash great with everything. I thought i'd give you a run down of my four favourite fluro shades, two harder to nab and two very easy to get your hands on. I personally think neons are great all year round and as we're coming out the other side of Summer, i thought i'd remind you that just because Autumn is upon us - don't forget to add a splash of colour to your life.

ORLY Oh Cabana Boy! | Now, this isn't your average neon as usually neons are either a matte or cream finish but this little number deserves that neon status. Oh Cabana Boy! is one of my go to shades of all time, i love this colour and well as the way it applies. It has a fairly thin brush but i can look past that as the polish applies like butter, super easy, streak free and two coats opaque - now that's what i look for in a polish. As for the colour it's pretty much what you see is what you get, it doesn't really oxidise when it's applied to the nails which is great because it's a gorgeous, luminous, shimmery pink. It really is as bright as it looks and is fan for an all over mani, or pedi, or perhaps a stand out statement nail.

China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy | I love, love, love this colour and i'd seen this all over the internet before i decided to take the plunge but despite loving the colour, this is my last go to because of the formula. This really is a matte polish and they are my least favourite, however it does apply great and i've never had any problems. I do find that they chip quicker than cream or shimmer though, but i'm willing to look past that for this hot, neon pink shade. The colour is so creamy, and looks so awesome as an accent nail which is what i usually use it for but also great on your toes.

Models' Own Hedkandi Hedonist | I honestly love all of the Hedkandi polishes for Models' Own, and i really should give Beach Party - a bright, light neon orange an honourable mention - but this is one of my favourites. I'm not much for a red nail kind of gal, i know they're a classic but there are so many other fun colours to try out there. However, this one is a fun coral, orange, red shade and i much prefer this to your standard pillar box red. Like all Models' Own polishes, it applies like a dream and dries in minutes which we all know is the biggest deal breaker for me, so no problems there. Honestly, just go check this one out in Boots because it's unlike anything else i have in my collection.

Models' Own Fluro' Orange | Last but not least, we have an orange and this really is an orange. This honestly does live up to it's name as it's a true fluorescent orange shade. Like i said, it's your standard Models' Own polish so you never have to worry about the finish or application but honestly check out the colour. I have to say that i'm not sure i've ever seen this one in a Boots store, but they definitely sell it in the Bottle Shops across London, and now in Bluewater, as well as on the Models' Own website.


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