11 September 2013

Current Favourites: Disney Edition

Kingdom Keepers Book Series by Ridley Pearson ("Shell Game: Book Five" Shown) | Disney Wonderland Tea: The Official Unbirthday Tea | Jolly Ranchers | Disney's Art of Animation Sippy Cup | Stitch Sippy Cup | D-Tech Iphone Case | Disney Magic Flannels: Sorcerer Mickey, Disney Princess & Minnie Mouse | Mickey Mouse Reusable Straws

If you've never been to a Disney theme park, or resort, then you probably won't know about the amazing array of Disney products available to purchase. A lot of these products are also exclusive to the parks & resorts so you won't be finding them in your local Disney store. When i first started visiting Disney i used to come home with bundles of goodies but now that i'm older i prefer to spend my money American products and select a few Disney bits to bring home.

This year was no different and i actually love everything i chose. I really like to choose things that i'm able to use or slot into my life somewhere. So, here is a selection of my Disney Favourites.

I bought the first Kingdom Keepers book on my holiday last year and actually didn't get around to reading it until about a month before my holiday this year, woops. I think i put it off for so long because it really isn't my usual read but to get myself back in the Disney spirit, not that i'm ever not, i thought i'd give it a whirl and loved it. They're such easy reads, and it doesn't take long to finish them. I really enjoy the adventure these books create and i would imagine that a real range of ages would appreciate them.

I have loved the Alice in Wonderland tea range since they introduced it a couple of years ago but never thought to pick some up for myself. However, since we left Disney last year i decided that on this holiday i would get some as it's perfect for the up coming Fall and Winter seasons, as who doesn't love a good cup of tea on a rainy, cold day. What i love more than anything is the packaging and typography on said packaging, and i think that when i'm through with the teabags i'll use the tin for something else, as it's too cute not to.

Now, i know these sweets aren't Disney but i totally relate them to my Disney holidays. Jolly Ranchers are some of my favourite candy to pick up when i'm in the states, they're just too delicious and super fruity so perfect for long days in Disney. They're actually really refreshing which i love, and honestly you just have to give them a whirl.

I don't think i've actually ever mentioned this on the blog, but i love drinking from sippy cups, now i'm not quite sure what their actual technical name is but people, and by people i mean youtubers, seem to affectionately call them by the name sippy cups. I already have one that i bought on my trip last year that i use almost every day so i thought i'd get myself a couple more to add to my collection. The one on the left is one that i picked up from my hotel, and that's a little bit special to me as it has the hotel logo emblazed on the front and i watched this hotel, not literally, be built from across the pond via online so that's cool that i got to pick that up. The other just shows my love for that little experiment 626, otherwise and more affectionately known as Stitch.

The phone case is something i actually picked up last year, but it was lovely to be able to put it on for my most recent trip to get into the festive spirit. It's such a cute swirly, black and white baroque-esque pattern with classic Mickeys whirled into it.

When it comes to skincare and taking off masks or cleansers, etc, i like to use just your average flannels and usually just use ones that come from skincare/bathtime sets or ones that i've picked up in Boots. However, i was actually in need for a couple of new ones so i decided to get myself some Disney magic towels. These are so cute, you know add to water and they come alive so i'll be sure to wake them all up and fold them into my collection.

Last, but not least, as these reusable straws. As i said i'm usually using a sippy cup but when i'm wanting a break i love using straws but i hate usual plastic straws that you just keep throwing away, they're awful for the environment and honestly if you like using straws why not buy reusable? Anyway, these are super cute, bright and colourful and will help me save the planet one straw at a time. Well, maybe not but they're still super cute.


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