10 August 2013

Two Weeks at WDW | Favourite Places to Eat

Back again with another instalment of 'Two Weeks at WDW' and this time i'm here to tell you about my favourite places to eat on property, and one off property. Honestly, there's far less favourite food stops than there id rides because eating is such a chore when you're on holiday, you just want to eat something quick and get on with having fun. Nevertheless, lets go!

Honestly, looking back i feel like we snack a lot at the Magic Kingdom and only sometimes stop for lunch. Quite often, we snack a bit throughout the day and then eat a good dinner so here 

If you've researched, visited or even heard of any of the classics at Walt Disney World than it's a pretty good chance that you've heard of the Dole Whip. Aloha Isle is your one stop shop for these delicious, ice cream snacks. If you didn't know, a Dole Whip is a soft serve frozen dessert available in a pineapple, orange or vanilla swirl flavours. Delicious.

I've made a stop at Sleepy Hollow a couple of times for one reason, and one reason only. Coca Cola Floats. That's right, i love me a Coca Cola Float which, if you didn't know, contains coke with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top. My mum thinks this is disgusting but i'm quite partial to a float. They also do a few other yummy snacks, like a funnel cake and an icy drink.

Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn & Cafe is probably the place i've had my favourite lunch at the Magic Kingdom, possibly at Walt Disney World, but i am easily pleased. This is where i had a taco bowl. You were given the taco bowl and then had the opportunity to go up to the salad bar and fill up your bowl yourself. There was so much option, and it was delicious. They have all your standard lunchtime foods too like pulled pork sandwiches and chicken wraps.

If you're looking for something really cold, then head over to the Sunshine Tree Terrace because this is the place to get the best cold beverages. I love the icy, slush style drinks from here like the orange lemonade. Isn't your mouth watering?

The Be Our Guest Restaurant is the newest addition to the park and has had a lot of hype surrounding it. It's basically a quick service restaurant in a full dining experience. Confusing? I think so too. Everything is served on proper crockery and with silver cutlery, and is brought to you by your waiter or waitress. Honestly though, apparently they do great desserts! I haven't had the opportunity to sample it myself yet but i thought i'd bring it to your attention.

As for the infamous Churros, Turkey Legs & Popcorn, they can be found all over the place so just keep an eye out for stands around the park.

EPCOT tends to be about culture, each country has it's delicacy available and some have a larger restaurant. It depends what you and your family are after, but here are my favourite spots.

I love Chinese food, always have and always will. Nothing is better than authentic Chinese and at the Nine Dragons Restaurant at the China Pavilion, it's all cooked to perfection. There's little else to say than the food here is exquisite, and there's plenty of option. Everything has such amazing flavours, and even the simplest of dishes shine. 

The Liberty Inn, at the America Pavilion, is your spot if you're looking for simple, recognisable food. It's got a large, undercover dining area so if it's raining this is a great option for quick service. Burgers, chicken strips, fries are all available as well as pork sandwiches and fizzy drinks. The all american food stop!

Getting a Kaki-Gori at EPCOT is one of my Disney traditions, and it's one of my favourite snacks to buy. A Kaki-Gory is a japanese frozen treat; a mound of ice, covered with fruit flavoured syrups. It's so juicy and refreshing, especially in the heat so it's something i'm talking about weeks before i arrive.

Honestly, Hollywood Studios, food-wise, is nothing special. The only one i would say you may want to consider is the Sci-Fi Dine In Theater where you sit in a vintage 50's convertible, and watch 50's and 60's sci-fi monster flicks. This is something i've never done, just because it's not really my thing but it sounds like a lot of fun.

The ABC Commissary is pretty much your standard, easy lunch. Sandwiches, burgers and fish & chips are available, it's filled with plenty of seats so you'll be sure to find one and it's quick service. Perfect for what i look for in lunch at the parks.

Although, if you're looking for something a little more Disney and you're a fan of Toy Story - why not grab a slice at the original Pizza Planet. Here, of course, you can eat all the pizza you want and it's great to share too.

Animal Kingdom feels like the smallest park of all, especially with it's earlier closing times, but add in the safari land and actually it's pretty large. However, if you can get fast passes for everything you want to do and get in line for those shows, this can become a half-a-day kind of park. We usually just drink and snack while we're here and then do something a little bit special to finish the trip.

Pizzafari is pretty self explanatory, except it does serve other options than pizza, like salad. It's pretty simple with plenty of indoor seating, perfect for all weathers but nothing to write home about. Quick and easy if you've got kids, or just want to get back out there.

So, when we're finished at Animal Kingdom, our treat for the day is hopping over to Rainforest Cafe which sits right outside the Animal Kingdom gates. I love Rainforest Cafe, it's so much fun and they do such great food options - but beware, the portions are huge. You could eat a stater for a main, if you know what i mean. Here you can have anything from steak, to seafood, to a burger, to chicken. There's alsorts for all the family, and they have great drink options too with they're famous cocktails and lightning glasses too. Be sure to give here a go, because it really is wild!

So, if you didn't read my WDW series last year where were you? But if you didn't then you wouldn't know our game plan when it comes to food. Eating in the parks can really weigh on your credit card, so what we do is snack or eat lunch in the parks for convenience and then leave Disney property to go to the Golden Corral for dinner. The Golden Corral is a buffet style dinner, where you buy yourself a one price buffet dinner and then eat until you're heart's content and they have everything from a salad bar, to seafood, to Chinese and even a meat joint cut for you. As for dessert, don't get me started on the candy floss and the chocolate fountain, oh yes. You heard me right. Seriously, it's a great price for delicious food and half the price of what you'd pay in the parks. Give it a go!

All images are my own unless otherwise stated

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