19 July 2013

Current Skincare Routine

I don't think i've ever done a proper Skincare routine. I've certainly, more recently, done a Skincare Shake Up and a while ago i did a What's in my Shower? which featured some skincare but i thought it about time to share what i have found to really work for me. Everything i use to help target my oily, blemish prone skin with frequent breakouts.

I should probably share now that along with this routine, i regularly take a tablet given to me by my doctor to help my skin sort it's bacteria out as it seems it's fighting a lot, however i will only need to take that for another few months and this routine will continue after that.

Clean & Clear Dual Action Oil-Free Moisturiser | If you're someone who likes a product you can feel working, then this is a good one for you. I probably wouldn't market this as a moisturiser, because it can dry my skin out a little, but nothing drastic, however it is a nice all over covering if you're having problem skin in more than one area on the face. This creates a slight tingling sensation on the skin, which to me only means that it's working. I sometimes keep this on over night and it really seems to improve the skin in the morning. I usually apply this after i've cleansed and exfoliated, etc and this is the last step before i go to sleep.

Good Things Stay Clear Anti Blemish Cleanser | This is my cleanser of choice, and i usually use this in the shower as part of my skincare routine. This is probably the first step in my routine, after cleaning most of my make up off using wipes. I put this all over my face and you can just feel this cleaning deeply into the skin getting all the remainder of the dirt and grim off of my skin. It's full of superfruits, which i really like, and it isn't packed with paragons, sulphates, mineral oils or animal ingredients which is great.

Superdrug Aloe Vera Deep Cleansing Mud Mask | I was on the look out for some new face masks to give a go and i just happened to be looking in Superdrug, and spotted this range. I'd never seen it before and thought i might as well test it out. I picked up this one as it's my favourite style of mask; a mud mask that dries when you leave it on for a certain amount of time. I've use some of these before and they really dry out the skin, but this is the style that works best for me. What i like about this one is it has Aloe Vera in, so it hydrates the skin even when it's drying. It leaves my skin feeling really soft and looked after, which is great.

Boots Skin Clear Ultra Treatment Wash | I love this product and it's probably the newest addition to my routine. I picked this up on a total whim, i just happened to be browsing Boots because i had some vouchers and i saw this and it had some great claims. This has really worked for me, and it's another product that you can really feel working. It has a sort of tingly, menthol type of feel when you work it into the skin and once it's washed off it leaves a cool feel to the skin. When it's washed off it seems to treat and calm the skin, while blurring my acne scarring and blemishes. It has really worked with my skincare routine and i'm very happy i gave it a go.

Good Things Deep Pore Anti Blemish Cleanser | I use this when i'm lazy, which sometimes can be a bit often. I swish this over my skin to give an extra clean after i've gotten rid of most of my make up. It tingles which makes me think, again, it's doing something great for my skin and it just really cleans up.

St. Ives Blemish Fighting Facial Scrub | This has been my choice of scrub for quite some time now, and i think at one point it was defintiely too harsh for my skin. I was using it every wash but that began to take it's toll on my skin and make it worse, now i use it every other wash and sometimes even less then that and i find that that is perfect for my skin. It just helps to get rid of stubborn dirt and deeply cleans, helping to get rid of breakouts. I've found that the sensitive version of this just isn't good enough for my skin so i just have to use this carefully.

Origins Super Spot Remover Blemish Treatment Gel | Everyone love this Origins treatment. It really does help me combat my spots, and if you've got a few single lone blemishes, just pop this on top and it totally dries it up reducing the size and redness. Just beware, being too liberal with this can really dry up the area and you can end up with a dry spot but otherwise, if you're careful and pop it just on the spot you'll be good to go.

The Body Shop Facial Brush with Lid | This little beauty is what i thank as the most active step in my skincare routine, i definitely think this is what really gets the products into my skin. It's basically a hand held, cheap Clarisonic as it works exactly the same way. It just really works products into my skin and helps clean deeply.


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