19 June 2013

#BEAUTY101: | Butter London's Knackered

As you saw in my last post, i picked up myself some new nail polish to test out and one of them was the ever hyped up Butter London polish in Knackered. In the bottle it's the most gorgeous, mermaid colour. I'd say it's a duo-chrome polish that looks somewhere between blue, green and grey. It's full of glitter that makes it look really iridescent and it's like nothing i have in my collection, it's actually something i've never seen before.

At £12 a bottle i had high hopes for this polish and had seen numerous reviews and raves about it on Youtube, so was very excited to road test this myself. Now, i have no idea if i was doing something wrong but i did not have a good time with this varnish. I absolutely adore the colour, even when applied which is the worst part about all of this. When on the nail it kind of takes on more of the grey quality of the shade but is heavily shiny and full of glitter, with a hint of blue when you're turning it in the light. It's gorgeous, but when i applied one coat is was so, so sheer almost so you couldn't even see that i'd applied anything. A plus point of this polish was that the first layer dried super fast, which i love, but the problem is because the colour came out so sheer it required three coats and that meant the drying time tripled. I hate slow drying nail polish and after an hour of wear it was still tacky, which is not acceptable in my book. It also barely stuck to the tips of my nails so even after three coats you could still see my nail through the polish and they wore away really fast. I don't really have a problem with chipping nail varnish but this colour wore really fast, after like a couple days. Not cool.

I love the colour and the consistency so i'd be interested in looking into other colours by this brand but at £12 a bottle, there are probably equally great brands out there for half the price.


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