8 May 2013

Shop the Stash #01

Good Things Deep Pore Anti Blemish Cleanser

After falling in love with the Clean & Clear Deep Cleanser from my Skincare Shake Up i started looking into similar products. I came across this little number from Good Things and realised i actually already owned it. I am a loyal customer of the Good Things brand and have received amazing customer service from them on Twitter. I religiously use their Stay Clear Anti Blemish Cleanser which does wonders for my skin and cleans the remainder of my make up off amazingly. So when i saw this, i thought why not give it another chance rather than leave it to get dusty at the back of my rather extensive skincare collection.

It basically does the same thing as the Clean & Clear cleanser except this product makes me me feel like i'm not just wiping chemicals across my face. Since joining the blogging world i've been introduced to all things paraben and chemical, and i'm now very cautious of products containing them - not that it always puts me off. This is free from sulphates, mineral oils, animal products and parabens which is a huge thumbs up if you ask me. It also contains fig and strawberry extracts which are great natural resources. Seeing as it produces the same kind of results as the Clean & Clear product i'm probably likely to repurchase this in the future, especially as i don't feel it's as drying. However, the Clean & Clear one does feel slightly more heavy duty but i'm willing to go for the cleaner product in the end.


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