20 March 2013

Birthday Wishlist

Hello friends, it's been a little while - well, just over a month - and i feel it's time to get back to blogging. I won't lie, it's been a nice break but i sure missed you and i feel like it's time to get back on track. Welcome back to Legs! We missed you around here.

So, in just two short weeks i'll be turning 21 and i'm half excited, half... I'm not sure. Undecided? However, it's still quite a landmark turning 21 so i thought it only right to do design a birthday wishlist with this in mind. When i was asked this year what i would like, i have to say i struggled but with a little time i came to some conclusion and i'm lucky enough to say that a couple of the items on my wishlist will be opened on my birthday but more of that after the big day. I truly am a lucky girl, so on with the post!

Rebecca Minkoff MAC Clutch: Black Quilted, NavyDaddy in Perriwinkle | As an avid Youtube watcher, some of my favourite beauty and fashion gurus are from across the pond in America, so i've come accustom to some brands that we can't easily access in the UK. Rebecca Minkoff is one of them; every American fashion guru and their cat has a Rebecca Minkoff MAC Clutch bag, and who could blame them? I think they're sleek, chic and very classic. My one gripe with this style of bag is there isn't much depth to them; the original MAC is 11" long but the MAC Daddy, pictured in Perriwinkle, is 13" long which is a great size however, they're let down by not being particularly deep. None the less, they're more than workable and i think they're a great addition to any bag collection.

Kate Spade Gold Coast Small Georgina in Black | I kind of fell in love with this bag, i am forever after a Chanel Classic Flap Bag but with a very large price tag, alas it'll be a while before i get my mitts on one. So, when i saw this it seemed like the perfect substitute. Kate Spade is another designer i discovered through Youtube and one that seems to be loved by the Americans. With her classic, but quirky, style she has a lot to offer.

Jeffrey Campbell Venice Hi | I have a secret love of the wedge trainer trend, i'm not really one for trainers but i feel these are similar to converse. They're very versatile and give an edge to an otherwise girly outfit, which is perfect for me because i can't stand being too girly - i'm not a frills and spills lover. These are classic but edgy and i think they're perfect for everything from dresses to jeans, they can be dressed up or down and would be a great addition to my wardrobe.

Jeffrey Campbell Lita in Black | There are no words to describe the JC Lita, everyone and their mum has heard of them and they're a cult favourite among the blogging elite. Frankly, i think i'm probably a little tall to rock them they'd probably make me feel about nine foot but they're beautiful and will forever be on my wishlist.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Sunshine Edition Perfume | Marc Jacobs' perfumes are my all time favourite and i'm lucky enough to have two in my collection. Daisy, however, is my scent. I adore it's beautiful, light, floral fragrance without being too girly or too heavy. It's perfect, so when i head there were going to be Summer editions of some of his most classic scents i was excited. Lets me honest, i really don't need another perfume to clutter my work surface but the bottle is enough to win me round.

Cath Kidston Iphone Cases | I love Cath Kidston but her cases are way out of my price range for splurging on myself, especially for a phone case, but you can't deny how pretty they are and they brighten up a boring old iphone. These two are my favourite patterns and both would look fab on my phone. Enough said.

Urban Decay Naked Palette | I know it's probably a little much to have both Naked palettes but my Naked 2 palette is screaming out for it's much loved mate. I'm seriously considering buying this when i go to America this Summer, but every time i go it always gets trumped by some other amazing American product i simply must have. (Damn you Sephora!) All the bloggers and Youtubers i've watched say that you don't need both but they have them anyway - I'm looking at you Essie!

Clinique Chubby Stick Intense in Roomiest Rose & Chunkiest Chilli | I have three of their cousins, the original Chubby Stick, and i just love them. The moisturising formula is what drew me in so the fact that they do these with more pigmentation seriously excites me. The colours are all gorgeous but Rose & Chilli look great for the upcoming months.

Topshop Tall Ikat Print Leigh Jeans | These have been sitting, saved in my wishlist tab on my laptop for months now but i can never bring myself to fork out forty odd quid on something quite so... Loud. They're not exactly your classic jeans, but i think they're amazing and would look amazing with a pop of colour on top and some sandals for the Summer. The Topshop Tall Leigh jeans are an amazing fit and have great elasticity, so it doesn't feel like you're sweltering in jeans all day - they're practically a glorified legging.

Thomas Sabo Pearl Charm Carrier Bracelet and K Charm, Cloverleaf Charm and Star Charm | This completely baffles me that i'm saying this, because i have forever said i did not want a bracelet for my 21st birthday. However, i think i was being totally put off by the Pandora craze. I do not like Pandora - shoot me, there i said it! I don't like the style of bracelets and i don't like the charms, so when i saw this it just clicked and i loved it! The sterling silver charms are perfect and match the bracelet beautifully and i love that the charms just clip on rather than sitting on the bracelet, which suits my tiny wrists. What can i say, i'm in love!

So, there we have it. I made the leap and i'm back! It feels good to be home, and i hope to be here for a very long time. Two weeks until my birthday and there's lots to come. Posts may not be quite as often here as they once were, my workload is priority but i'm aiming for at least once a week for now. Come the Summer, i'll have plenty more free time to keep you up to date but for now, i'll see you next week.


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