25 September 2012

September Again: Back to University

I honestly cannot get my head around the fact were back at September. The older you get the quicker it seems to flip up on your calendar. I used to dread it; i mean, why would anyone voluntarily want to go back to school? Unless, you know, you were queen bee, studied only your favourite classes or you were just plain good at it. However, now we seem to have become quite good friends.

To me, it will forever be the season of going back to school, college, university. Maybe starting a new job, moving house or perhaps just the beginning of a new adventure.

There's almost something quite magical and mysterious about September; there's that feeling in the air that anything can happen, of something new just around the corner and of fresh starts. The new season rolls in and brings a sense of calm to September's chaos.

I always see January as just about getting back to normality after the hibernation of Christmas, the festivities and the time off but September is all about giving things a go.

Up until this September, right now, it used to daunt and scare me. I was never confident in myself, although i could do a pretty good job of fronting it, and sometimes i felt that little bit alone - but i think everyone feels like that sometimes. This year, however, things have changed and i'm ready to accept the month we're in.

So, moving back to university like me? Nothing thrills me more than having my own place (almost). Last year, i was a in Halls of Residence in a flat of nine other people. Now as my friend Ella says: it's totally pot luck. You've got to be really lucky to be placed with people entirely of your personality, unfortunately i just wasn't put with any. As you'll soon find out, i'm not much of a drinker. A cider here and there or a Malibu & coke if i fancy it but nothing serious. My flatmates however drunk Southampton dry, kept me up until the early hours and vandalised our flat. Probably the one of the hardest years of my life but i made it. Now, i'm lucky enough to be sharing an almost new flat with one of my best friends with our other friends just down the road. We've spent time, effort and money making the flat our own and as homely as possible, so moving back to Southampton isn't met with fear of what'll happen next - at least where living is concerned.

This year, university doesn't scare me, living away from home doesn't scare me and life certainly doesn't scare me. I kind of feel like this September is bringing on a new life, now that i know what i'm getting myself in for.

As you all know, i'm in a long term relationship with my wonderful Mr, Jonny. He's just moved to London, full time, to start a great new job - which i could not be more thrilled about. Although it's a bit of a pain in the butt that we're apart again (we were long distance for the first two years, together in Southampton for the third and now we're apart again) but it's also a great new adventure. When i think about Southampton not only do i think about the wonderful course i'm studying on - that, maybe, sometimes i struggle with but i still love every minute - but also the amazing opportunities i gain when i'm there. I can visit Jonny, and London, as often as i please. As well as visiting the Capital for the opportunities my blog gives me; events, work experience, etc. Basically, i can't wait for this adventure to begin - and all the more, i can't wait to have somewhere to stay in London! Cheeky, but true.

This year, September means excitement, adventures and new beginnings - and i can't wait for any of it. I intend to enjoy the life i have and make the most of every minute - Independence, my wonderful Mr in the great capital city, my beautiful friends, writing and events plus a brilliant course and home in Southampton. I cannot wait.

So, i know what it's like starting university and going back. I know the hardship and heartache that you go through, even though i'm sure there are hundreds of situations far worse than the one you're, we're, in. No matter how much i talk about how excited i am, and how much i'm going to enjoy every minute - it's still natural to be a little nervous. However, trust me when i say you should try enjoy it anyway! Honestly, it seems like the end of the world but it's not and there's always a light at the end of the tunnel - i see that now.

Maybe this was for me more than it was for my blog, or for you, but i hope that maybe it was understood by someone, at least. Good Luck on your adventure and due to my great adventure, Legs might be a little quiet for a few days - i just need a chance to settle back into, well, life.



  1. This is such a lovely post that made me smile so much <3 You are such a wonderful person and deserve all the happiness in the world! xo

  2. Such a lovely little update, you've helped me feel a lot more comfortable about going back to uni myself, thanks very much! :) Ali xx

  3. Oh Kat that is such a beautiful and inspiring post :) I loveeee the last photo too it's so cute!
    I'm so pleased to hear that things are going well for you, it sounds like you're gonna have a fab second year :) Good luck with everything <3

    Love Holz oxo

  4. Love this post! Really cute yet honest xxx

  5. Oh gosh Kat, you really did make me feel so incredibly happy and proud when I was reading this, you are such a beautiful and incredible young woman. I'm so excited for you and the all opportunities that are coming your way. I can't wait to hear more, and of course I'm always here by your side ♥ xxx


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