21 September 2012

American Beauty #9: Origin Spot Remover

 Origins Spot Remover Anti-Blemish Treatment

Now this i have been dying to try for so, so long. It's done the rounds on Youtube and in the blogasphere, but frankly it was a little out of my price range. However, when i saw it really cheap while away i couldn't leave it behind.

This is another of those products that was seriously hypes up, so much so i thought it was going to be a miracle product! For starters, i don't like how you the product is distributed - the bottle has a flat top with a tiny hole in the middle so the only way to get to the product is to squeeze a little out onto your finger or onto a cotton bud. I'd much rather the top be open as it's be easier to get to the product, however i can understand that this is a good way to limit the amount of product that comes out at once as you only need a little - a little goes a long way. 

I decided to test this out when my skin was seriously suffering, i added a little product onto each affected area and left over night. What i thought immediately was the awful smell it produced, it was very strong and medical smelling - not particularly pleasant to have on the skin but it didn't last forever. I also found that it was very uncomfortable for the first minute of putting it on the skin, it stung and was kind of sore but i always feel that if it stings the product must be doing something.

In the morning the areas i had put the product were completely dried out - not in a bad way - and the spots had began to heal. I was pretty impressed with this product but don't know if i would pay all that money for it in the UK. It helped to heal the areas quicker, however i warn you it does seriously dry out your skin so maybe it's not for you if you already suffer from very dry skin.


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