19 September 2012

American Beauty: #8 Make Up For Ever Concealer

Make Up For Ever Full Cover Concealer in 1

I finally plucked up the courage to test this concealer out at the weekend, i have no idea why i was so worried about giving it a go. I've heard so, so much about it that i think i'd got it completely hyped up in my head that i was worried it wouldn't live up to everything i wanted it to be - do you ever find yourself doing that?

So, when i finally tried it out i started off with using a Real Techniques brush with not much product, which i have to admit i wasn't overly thrilled with. This could have been for many reasons, for example i'm quite new to using make up brushes anywhere other than my eyes as i don't particularly use foundation just concealer and i tend to use my fingers. I didn't find that it blended particularly well and it didn't distribute evenly. So, naturally, i tried to blend better using my ring fingers - as all us beauty addicts know is the softest finger to use when blending - which i found to work a lot better. I then added a little more product and i found the result to be brilliant, of which i was a lot happier.

When i was researching this product i found that a lot of people described as a 'heavy duty' concealer which really scared me off for a long time, but being somewhere it was readily available i couldn't pass up the chance to give it a go. When i think of heavy duty i think of thick, cakey and hard to blend which i didn't find this to be at all. Yes, it has great coverage and helped to seriously tame my under eye circles - which i usually have a hard time concealing - but i wouldn't say it's heavy duty, just some damn good coverage! Like i said, i found this much easier to work with using my fingers to warm up the product a little and that's how i'll be applying it from now on. It's maybe not entirely what i expected, however i wasn't entirely sure what to expect. If, like me, you suffer from dark under eyes i'd recommend giving this a go as i've found it a great way to combat them.

Have you ever given this a go, i'd love a second opinion!


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