16 July 2012

Seed Beads

I've had my eye on this necklace to replace the sad loss of my beautiful pastimes beaded number. When i saw that Dorothy Perkins were having a 30% off sale i was on it, as it cost me the same including p&p as the necklace itself so i was sold!

Dorothy Perkins Cream Seedbead Plait Necklace

Something that this piece has over my previous one is it's gorgeous neutral colour. My last was purple and although beautiful, it didn't go with everything so i'm happy that this'll go with much more - sometimes during the day but as a fab statement piece for night time. I really love how it's delicate but how it also stands out beautifully. I can't wait to use this to jazz up an outfit, it'll be perfect for Spring, Summer & Autumn but also great to brighten up an outfit during Winter. 

I'm just glad to have some sort of replacement and this is the closest i could find!


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