2 July 2012

Home is where: #3 The Duvet Is

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The beady eyed amongst you may recognise this gorgeous print, and you'd be right because this is what i use as a background for product reviews when i'm at home, in Cambridge. I absolutely adore this duvet, from Dunelm Mill, i love the colours and the quirky print. This is what i'm basing my room around, taking the blue as the main colouring but it'll be easy for me to splash a pop of colour as this fab pattern has so many shades together. I feel it works as it has a neutral, white background - i think this'll keep the room bright and airy. I'm really looking forward to having this over a double bed as at home it's only on a single.



  1. How cute!

    I've nominated you for the Liebster award!



  2. That's a lovely pattern with great colours



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