4 June 2012

Like a Virgin #4 MAC Attack

MAC Lipstick in Twig | MAC Lipstick in See Sheer

Since writing my 25 for 25 post, i've actually already ticked one thing off.. Twice! So, since being introduced to the wonderful world of eBay where the world is literally at my fingertips, i managed to stumble across a seller selling lesser known MAC lipstick shades for a seriously discounted price. So, i decided to give them a go - for blog purposes, of course.. (!)

MAC Lipstick in Twig

This is actually the second colour i acquired but it was instantly my favourite. Twig is a gorgeous brown pink, similar to Revlon's Lip Butter in Berry Smoothie just a lot more matte and more pigmented - which is actually what i was after. Twig's a satin finish, which i think will be my favourite too and i'm certainly after more of them. It goes on super smooth and the finish looks it too, it's a beautiful colour and super wearable. It's a little deeper than something i'd normally wear daily but it's soon become a firm favourite in my day-to-day make up bag.

MAC Lipstick in See Sheer

I'm not such a super fan of See Sheer. For starters, this one has a really bizarre smell! Like Twig, MAC lipsticks are known to have a lovely sweet chocolatey smell but this one has a very fake, plastic scent. See Sheet is a lustre finish, and it's possibly a little glossy for me. It's not quite a gloss but it's glossier than the Revlon Lip Butters i adore. It's a lot pinker than Twig, and as the name suggests isn't as pigmented. I still like the colour, but it's probably more of the colour i wear when i'm in the mood.

I'm happy to have joined the MAC world, and can't wait to indulge again soon.



  1. I love MAC lipsticks. Both of those colours are lovely! xo

  2. The wonderful world of MAC is quite like no other ♥ xxx

  3. I bought see sheer and find the smell awful too! I thought mine was fake, is this smell normal?


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