7 April 2012

Twenteen: Topshop Boutique Leather Jacket

So, here she is! My most wanted, most dreamed about, main birthday present. I've wanted a new leather jacket forever, but i was in desperate need of a new camera for Christmas and frankly i don't have the cash to splash myself, so i've waited for my birthday and it was so worth it.

The price tag really is extortionate, but for this jacket i kinda feel it's worth every penny. I tried on, in store, the PU version of this jacket by Topshop but the material was plasticy and stiff, making the sizing really awful - i'm usually a ten, but felt a 14 was somewhere about right. The leather on this jacket is, honestly, like butter. It's soft and smooth, and just delicious.

My previous leather jacket was just from a leather store, so was pretty shapeless and didn't have much of a style so i absolutely love how this nips in to fit the body in this gorgeous biker style jacket. I bought it in a size up, to give me a little more room for fitting things under it in the Winter, and such, and it still fits perfectly with less layers.

I'm so happy with it and can't wait to wear it with everything!



  1. Oh gosh such a lovely jacket, you know this jacket will last years and be worth every single penny Kat! ♥ xxx


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