13 April 2012

(Belated) Mother's Day

Skirt: Primark | Top: Primark | Belt: Primark | Necklace: Past Times

Since the beautiful weather hit the UK, i've been boosting my Spring wardrobe ready for the warmer months of SS12. Now, i have never been a maxi fan, ever. Maybe because it's usually almost impossible to find affordable skirts/dresses for the leggy among us but this month i've been really into the laid back, summer style and have bought myself not one but two maxi skirts. What's going on here and what have i done with myself? I have to say i did feel a little self conscience wearing it, but it was the first time wearing a maxi skirt out of the house, for me, and i had dressed it up a little as i was going out for lunch, but i do really love it. It's easy to dress for all occasions and it's comfortable, but chic all in one - and frankly, who doesn't want that?



  1. Gorgeous skirt Kat, it suits you ♥ xxx

  2. I love Maxi skirts and that one has a great nautical feel - I think I might have to pop to Primarni tomorrow :)

    Gems x

    Fashion, Well Done

  3. That skirt is so awesome!! I want it!! You look lovely :)

    Kisses! xxx



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