24 February 2012

Valentines Escapades

So, this year me and the Mr decided to do Valentines the weekend after the actual date due to prior engagements and all the pressure from the actual day; everything's busier, pricier and full of love sick couples! Here are some snippets & bippets of the weekend, i was having far too much fun to remember to take too many!

A BBs Hot Chocolate waiting for the Mr | Valentines Cupcakes baked by his own, fair hand | My gift for him | The Mr enjoying his gift | From a Secret Admirer (Or one of the Mr's housemates!) | Valentines Krispey Kremes | Strawberry Gloss, Strawberries & Kreme, Lemon Meringue | My Strawberry Gloss | Beautiful Skies | Pre Roast | Post Roast | Cooked for me by my wonderful boy! | Take Me Out & My Mr

The Weekend turned out to be the best in a very long time; full of fun and good, old fashioned chat. It was practically a date that lasted the whole of the weekend, which was lovely as we're both so busy and skint that we don't really get the time to do date nights, as often as we'd like.

Friday started off with the exchanging of gifts, and cards, which is when i received my delicious Chocolate Orange cupcakes baked by lovely Mr! I wasn't expecting such thought and was pleasantly surprised, they are were delicious! The Mr had booked us a table for the evening at, my favourite, Bella Italia; maybe a little mainstream for some but the food is delicious and it's reasonably priced - what is there to dislike?! We also got gifted a gift card for Bella Italia, for Christmas, from my parents so it was lovely to pay rather less than usual. I had my usual Carne Mista Pizza, with added chicken; it's packed with meat which is right up my street and it has a beautiful thin, crispy base - my favourite! We had red wine and a one night only White Chocolate and Lemon Cheesecake for dessert (two spoons), so we really went to town; very unusual for us, but it's lovely to splash out occasionally! Our evening was spent relaxing and mourning our food-babies, before collapsing in bed through exhaustion (being a student isn't all it's cracked up to be!)

Our Saturday morning was spent lazing before realising we'd miss our cinema date if we didn't get up sharpish, so within an hour we were up and ready to face the day! Before our ten past one showing of The Vow at Southampton's Odeon, we popped to Asda to get some cinema snacks but, of course, we still had the obligatory popcorn, to share, and i entertained a Tango Iceblast which reminded me of October half terms at Blackpool Pleasure Beach. The Vow was a real chick flick, so i was thankful for the Mr seeing it with me but it ended up being a tear jerker, right from the start! It was quite a frustrating film and i'm not sure that i'd buy it on DVD, but i'm glad to have seen it, none the less. While walking back to the bus stop, we took a diversion through West Quay, which just happens to be the home of Southampton's Krispey Kreme. The Mr was wonderful and offered to treat me, so we decided on the Strawberry Gloss for me, the Strawberries and Kreme for him and the Lemon Meringue to share, and they were delicious! I don't know why we don't have them more often, they're quite reasonably priced. Our day was topped off with a beautiful roast, cooked from scratch by the Mr, which was utterly delicious and some Take Me Out. Just before bed we played some Skyrim (our favourite pastime) before conking out, yet again, because we are an old married couple.

Sunday was super lazy day, barely getting out of bed before 12 but it just topped off everything off perfectly. I was truly spoilt over the weekend, and i fell in love a little bit all over again. I'm one lucky gal, ladies and gents!

How did you all spend your Valentines?


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